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Sanilac County

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Sanilac history


Brown City

Brown City Bee began publishing on Jan. 23, 1891 by James A. Menzies. It ceased on Dec. 11, 1891 and was continued by The Brown City Banner.


The Brown City Banner began publishing on Dec. 18, 1891 by Charles H. Fox.



Sanilac County Search-Light began publishing circa 1895. By 1898 it was published by Searchlight Pub. Co.


The Carsonville Journal began publishing circa 1942 by Buhl Pub. Co. It ceased on Sept. 15, 1976 and continued as Carsonville-Port Sanilac Journal.


Carsonville-Port Sanilac Journal began publishing on Sept. 22, 1976 by Buhl Pub. Co. It moved to Deckerville at the end of 1980. It ceased on Dec. 30, 1981 and was absorbed by The Deckerville Recorder.



Croswell Democrat began publishing Mar. 5, 1880 by Horatio Pratt. By 1898 it was published by Wilfred Hackler.


The Croswell Journal began publishing circa 1880. By 1902 it was published by Wilford Macklem.


Croswell Jeffersonian began publishing circa early 1900s. By 1933 it was published by D.E. Hubbell. It ceased on July 26, 1935 and was continued by The Sanilac Jeffersonian.


The Sanilac Jeffersonian began publishing on Aug. 2, 1935 by Harold M. Baker. 


The Sanilac Jeffersonian and the Sanilac County Times began publishing circa 1948. By 1958 it was published by Gardner A. Black. It was likely continued by The Sanilac County Jeffersonian/Advisor.


The Sanilac County Jeffersonian/Advisor began publishing circa 1981 by John D. Johnson. After Sept. 30, 1986 the title was shortened to Sanilac County Jeffersonian.



The Sanilac Recorder began publishing on Nov. 1, 1893 by George W. Allen. It ceased and changed title to The Deckerville Recorder.


The Deckerville Recorder was publishing by 1901 by Smith & Heimka. On Aug. 21, 1996 its title was shortened to The Recorder published by Douglas Regentin.



The Sanilac County Leader began publishing circa July 1854 Joseph C. Wyllis. In 1856 it became Republican and the title was lengthened to Sanilac County Leader and Huron County Republican. It ceased circa 1860.


The Sanilac Signal began publishing circa 1856. It was Democratic. It ceased circa 1858.


Sanilac Jeffersonian began publishing on Oct. 7, 1858 by George F. Kilets. It moved to Croswell circa the early 1900s and changed title to Croswell Jeffersonian.


The Lexington News began publishing circa 1895. By 1898 it was published by J.H. Keyes.



The Marlette Index began publishing circa 1879 by Hammond & Fenner.


Marlette Leader began publishing circa 1878. By 1882 it was published by I.J. Goodenow. It was Republican.


Minden City

Sanilac County Reporter began publishing circa 1876 by John A. Hopkins. It was later purchased by John H. Shults. (It is uncertain where this news paper was published.)


Minden City Post began publishing circa 1881 by James Henry Shults. After a fire he moved to Port Huron and shortly thereafter revived the paper.


Minden Herald began publishing circa 1890 by Herald Pub. Co. By 1902 its title was lengthened to Minden City Herald published by E.W. Phillips.



The "Sanilac County Times" was founded, owned and edited by Thomas Gordon "T.G" Graham in 1899. The first newspaper, a weekly, was dated May 12, 1899.  After the death of T.G. in May of 1913, the newspaper then was owned/edited by his son Thomas Nathaniel Graham. After the death of Thomas N. Graham in March of 1943 the newspaper was then taken over by his widow Gertrude E. Graham. Not long after Gertrude sold the subscriptions to Mr. Black then owner of the Sanilac Jeffersonian newspaper. The Sanilac Jeffersonian then carried a duel banner that included the Sanilac County Times if only for a short time.  Trivia. This newspaper was often referred to, by the old timers, as the "Peck Times". Written by: Mitzi, great grandaughter and grandaughter of Thomas G. and Thomas N. Graham.


Port Sanilac (formerly Bark Shanty)

Bark Shanty Times began publishing on Feb. 14 1857 by Uri Raymond. It was a manuscript newspaper edited by Uri Raymond and posted in his general store. “He simply allowed blank writing paper to remain on the counter of his store, and any and all were at liberty to write anything they chose, and the public were at equal liberty to go and read without money and without price. “As the pages were written they were sewed together.” (From Portrait and biographical album of Sanilac county.)It was not issued or dated consistently. When the village was renamed to Port Sanilac, the newspaper changed titles to Port Sanilac Times. It ceased circa 1870



Sandusky Tribune began publishing circa 1905. By 1923 it was published by F.D. Slate. It ceased circa 1926 and merged with Sanilac County Republican, to form Sandusky Republican-Tribune.


Sandusky Republican-Tribune began publishing circa 1926.


Sanilac County News began publishing circa 1970.


Sanilac Centre

Sanilac County Republican began publishing circa1886. By 1894 it was published by George E. English. It ceased circa 1926 and merged with Sandusky Tribune, to form Sandusky Republican-Tribune.



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