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Ottawa County

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Ottawa history


Coopersville (Also known as Cooperville)

The Coopersville Courier began publishing on Oct. 20, 1875 by Hiram Potts. It was likely continued by Ottawa County Courier published in Grand Haven.


The Cooperville Observer began publishing on Nov. 4, 1880 by Will G. Barnes. It ceased on Nov. 20, 1973 and was continued by Tri-County Observer.


Grand Haven

The Grand River Times began publishing on July 2, 1851 by James Barns, John W. Barns and W.N. Angel. It was Democratic. It moved to Eastmanville and ceased circa 1857


The Ottawa Clarion began publishing Apr. 23, 1855 by Henry Stephen Clubb. It was Republican. It later changed title to Grand Valley Weekly Clarion and then to Weekly Clarion. It ceased circa Nov. 1862 when Clubb went to war.


The Grand Haven News began publishing on Dec. 22, 1858 by Barns & Fosha. It ceased circa 1876 and merged with Grand Haven Journal to form Grand Haven News and Journal.


De Paarl began publishing circa Aug. 1860 by E. Meijer & C. Vorst. It was in Dutch.


The Grand Haven Union began publishing circa Aug. 1862 by H.C. Akeley and later by L.M.S. Smith. It was Republican. It ceased circa Oct. 1872.


The Grand Haven Herald began publishing on Aug. 28, 1869 by Henry S. Clubb. It was Republican. It ceased circa 1891.


Grand Haven Daily Herald began publishing on Oct. 11, 1871 by Henry S. Clubb. It ceased on May 28, 1872.


Grand Haven Journal began publishing circa 1876 by John G. Lee. It ceased later that year and merged with The Grand Haven News to form Grand Haven News and Journal.


Grand Haven News and Journal began publishing circa 1876 by Lee & Hitchcock. It ceased circa 1881. It was continued by The Grand Haven Republican.


Ottawa County Courier was publishing by Mar. 1881 by Hiram Potts. It was likely continued by Grand Haven Courier=Journal.


The Grand Haven Republican began publishing circa July 1881 by Nichols & Benham. It ceased circa Oct. 1881.


Grand Haven Courier=Journal was publishing by Dec. 1881 by Hiram Potts.


The Venture began publishing on May 1, 1885 by Edward Northrup. It shortly changed title to The Evening Times.


The Evening Tribune began publishing circa 1885 by C.K. Esler. It published daily except Sun. It ceased on Apr 1, 1896 and was continued by Grand Haven Daily Tribune.


Grand Haven News began publishing circa 1894 by News Print Co. It published for a while as Grand Haven Daily News before reverting to the earlier title and weekly publication.


Grand Haven Daily Tribune began publishing circa Apr. 1896. After Nov. 4, 1969 the title shortened to Grand Haven Tribune.


The Grand Haven Press began publishing circa 1899 by E.D. Fuller. It ceased circa 1902.



De Hollander began publishing circa 1850 by Hawks & Bassett. It was in Dutch.


The Ottawa Register began publishing circa Apr. 1851 by Moses Hawks. It was in Dutch.


De Grondwet began publishing circa 1859 by Roost and Hoogesteger. It was in Dutch. It ceased circa the 1940s.


De Verzamelaar began publishing circa 1862 by J. Binnekant. It was in Dutch.


De Hope began publishing on Dec. 12, 1865 by Hope College. It was in Dutch.


De Wachter began publishing on Feb. 14, 1868 by C. Vorst. It moved to Grand Rapids in 1875. It was biweekly until 1880 when it became weekly. It ceased on Sept. 11, 1918.


Holland City News began publishing on Feb. 24, 1872 by S.L. Morris. It was Republican.


Ottawa County Times began publishing on Jan. 29, 1892 by M.G. Manting.


Holland Daily Sentinel began publishing circa 1895 by The Sentinel Co. It ceased circa 1927 and was continued by Holland Evening Sentinel.



Hudsonville Herald began publishing circa 1890 by A. E. Winchester.



Grand Valley Advance began publishing circa 1965. By 1979 it was published by Herman J. Sjoerdsma & Melvin Mulder.



Ottawa County News began publishing circa fall 1875 by Hiram Potts. It published two months before Potts moved to Coopersville and started The Coopersville Courier.


Spring Lake

Spring Lake Independent began publishing circa July 1869 by John G. Lee. Circa 1870 the title was lengthened to Spring Lake Weekly Independent. It ceased circa 1876.


Spring Lake Republican began publishing circa Jan. 1879 by Aloys Bilz.


Spring Lake Message began publishing circa Sept. 1881 by Charles Wasson.



Zeeland Expositor began publishing circa Sept. 1893 by H. Potts. It ceased and was continued by Zeeland Record.


Zeeland Record was publishing by 1897 by Hartwick & Barnes.

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