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Oceana County

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Oceana history



The Oceana County Journal began publishing on Apr. 29, 1869 by Judson Palmiter. It ceased on Aug. 17, 1882 and was continued by Hart Journal.


Hart Argus began publishing circa Nov. 1877 by L.A. McIntyre & Frink. By 1881 it was edited by E. S. Palmiter. After Oct. 22, 1881 its title was shortened to Argus. It ceased circa 1892 and when it merged with The Hart Journal to form The Journal.


The Hart Journal began publishing on Aug. 24, 1882 by Edson & Matthews. It ceased on Feb. 18, 1892 when it merged with Argus to form The Journal.


The Journal began publishing on Mar. 3, 1882 by Hanson & McClure. In late 1907 its title briefly reverted to Hart Journal before merging with Oceana Herald (Shelby, Mich), to form: Oceana's Herald-Journal.


Oceana County Tribune began publishing circa 1886 by Tribune Assoc. with F. Towns as editor. It was a Greenback paper..


Oceana's Herald-Journal began publishing circa 1935.



The Mears News began publishing on July 24, 1914 by Swift Lathers. This newspaper with a height of 7.5 in. advertised itself as “The smallest newspaper in the world.” It published irregularly at least until the 1990s.


Montague (Muskegon County)

The Oceana County News began publishing circa 1975 by Darwin Bennett. On its masthead read “Legal successor to the Montague Observer, the Whitehall Forum, the White Laker and Northshore interurban and the Shopping news.”


Pentwater (formerly known as Middlesex)

The Oceana Times began publishing Apr. 20, 1861 by Frederick W. Ratzel. It was Republican. It ceased circa 1870. It was possibly continued by The News.


The News began publishing circa 1870 by Amos Dresser, Jr. It was likely continued by East Shore News.


East Shore News began publishing circa 1871 by Amos Dresser & Rastall. It ceased in 1872 and was continued by Pentwater News.


Pentwater News began publishing circa 1872 by Amos Dresser & Taylor.



Shelby Independent began publishing on Apr. 10, 1880 by Judson Palmiter.


The Oceana Herald began publishing circa May 1888 by Harry M. Royal. It merged with Hart Journal to form Oceana's Herald-Journal .

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