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Monroe County

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Monroe history


Bedford Township

The Bedford Press began publishing on Feb 24, 1986 by Karen L. Daggett in Toledo, Ohio, but covered Bedford Township, Michigan. It was published every other week.



Carleton Times began publishing circa 1886 by George Williams.


The Carleton Messenger began publishing circa 1906. By 1938 it was published by Will L. Wright. It ceased on Jan. 12, 1984.



The Dundee Enterprise began publishing on Sept. 23, 1872 by John Cheever. It ceased circa 1875.


Dundee Reporter began publishing circa May 1876 by H. Egaboad. It ceased on Mar. 2, 1989 when it merged with Petersburgh Sun to form The Reporter-Sun.


The Dundee Ledger began publishing circa July 1881 by Francis Brooks. It was absorbed by Dundee Reporter.


Dundee Post Crescent began publishing on Sept. 24, 1924 by S.P. St. John.


Courier began publishing on Apr. 24, 1980 by Harold L. Moon.


Dundee Area Independent began publishing on May 21, 1987 by McClellan & Whitaker. After July 13, 1989 its title was shortened to Independent.


The Reporter-Sun began publishing on Mar. 9, 1989 by Reporter Pub. Co.



Erie Township News began publishing circa 1956 by Erie Township Community Council. It was monthly.


Flat Rock

The Guardian of the Huron Valley began publishing circa 1940. By 1982 it was published by John G. Tarrant. It ceased on Jan. 29, 1987 and was continued by Monroe Guardian.


Monroe Guardian began publishing on Feb. 5, 1987 by John G. Tarraut.



Ida Gazette was publishing by Nov. 8, 1922.



The Suburban Review began publishing on Nov. 30, 1971 by Advertising Graphics.


The Bedford Journal began publishing on Mar. 10, 1976 by a company of the same name.


The Courier Herald began publishing on July 4, 1978 by Allen C. Foster and Louise Diehl.


Journal Herald was publishing by Dec. 1981. It is likely the result of a merger of The Bedford Journal and The Courier Herald.


Bedford Now began publishing on Feb 2, 2001 by Monroe Pub. Co.



Michigan Sentinel began publishing on June 3, 1825 by Edward D. Ellis. It was Democratic. It was the first Michigan newspaper published outside of Detroit. Ellis arrived from Buffalo and brought the press with him. In 1835 it absorbed The Monroe Journal and Michigan Inquirer, It ceased on July 16, 1836 and changed titles to The Monroe Times.


The Monroe Journal and Michigan Inquirer began publishing July 31, 1834 by Abner Morton. It ceased on Jan. 22, 1835 and was absorbed by Michigan Sentinel.


The Monroe Times began publishing on July 28, 1836 by Edward G. Morton & Co. It ceased circa 1840 and was continue by The Monroe Advocate.


The Monroe Gazette began publishing on Sept. 2, 1837 by E. Kendall & Co. It was Whig.


The Monroe Advocate began publishing on Jan. 1, 1841 by Edward G. Morton. It ceased circa 1848 and was continued by Monroe Weekly Commercial and Southern Michigan Advocate.


The Monroe Sentinel began publishing circa 1848 by W.H. Briggs. It was Whig. It survived a short while.


The Monroe Weekly Commercial and Southern Michigan Advocate began publishing circa 1849 by Spears and Morton. It ceased circa early 1850s and was continued by Monroe Commercial.


Monroe Commercial began publishing circa early 1850s by Thomas S. Clark. It was Democrat until 1856 when it was purchased by Republicans. It published as a daily for a short while in 1850, and then permanently in 1885. It ceased circa May 1904 when it merged with Monroe Record to form Record=Commercial.


Monroe Weekly Express began publishing circa 1853 by H.L. Robinson.


The Monroe National Press began publishing circa 1856 by A.C. Salsbury. It was Democratic. It ceased circa 1862.


Staats Zeitung began publishing circa 1859 by Edward Dorsch. It lasted a short time.


The Monroe Monitor began publishing on May 28, 1862 by Edward G. Morton. It ceased circa 1880 and was continued by The Monroe Democrat.


The Itemizer began publishing on Oct. 8, 1877 by Sub Rosa & Co.


Monroe Ledger began publishing circa 1878 by George A. Cowan. It supported the Greenback cause. It survived a short time.


The Monroe Democrat began publishing on Mar. 17, 1880 by Democrat Pub. Co. It published twice a week from Oct. 1901 to June 1902. It was continued by Monroe Evening News.


The Monroe Index began publishing circa Mar. 1881 by Fred. B. Lee. It lasted a short time.


Monroe Evening Commercial began publishing circa 1885 by M.D. Hamilton & Son.


The Monroe Independent began publishing on Dec. 2, 1898 by H.C. Maloney.


The Monroe Record began publishing on May 31, 1900 by Record Pub. Co. It ceased on Apr. 14, 1904 when it merged with Monroe Commercial to form The Record=Commercial.


The Record=Commercial began publishing on Apr. 21, 1904 by Record Pub. Co. It was absorbed by Monroe Evening News.


Monroe Bulletin began publishing circa 1908. By 1911 it was published by Spaulding & Carmichael.


Monroe News-Courier began publishing circa 1915 by Democratic Print. and Pub. Co. It published daily except Sunday. On May 6, 1918 it became The Monroe Evening News and Courier and ceased on June 17, 1918 to become The Monroe Evening News.


The Monroe Evening News began publishing on June 18, 1918 by Monroe Pub. Co. It was daily. It absorbed The Record=Commercial and The Monroe Democrat.


Monroe County Weekly began publishing on June 20, 1935 by Lamour Printing Co.


Monroe Tribune began publishing on July 30, 1981.


New Milan

New Milan News began publishing on Oct. 9, 1985 by Paul Tull.



The Petersburg Avalanche began publishing circa July 1871 by Henry F. Gage & Co.


River Raisin Clarion began publishing circa 1876 by John W. Seeley. It lasted about six months.


Petersburgh Bulletin began publishing May 1, 1880 with I.D. Boardman as editor. It ceased circa Aug. 1891 and was continued by The Petersburgh Sun.


Weekly Journal began publishing circa 1883 by O.C. Bacon.


The Petersburgh Sun began publishing on Oct. 9, 1891 by A. P. Faling. It ceased circa 1898 when it merged with Dundee Reporter to form Reporter-Sun published in Dundee..


Farmers & Merchants Courier began publishing circa 1948 by Courier Printing.


Raisin River

Current News - Along the River Raisin began publishing on June 27, 1984 by Weygand Typsetters and Printing. It published every other week.



Bedford Courier began publishing circa 1947. By 1967 it was published by Richard F. Daggett. It ceased on Feb. 8, 1967 and became The Courier.


The Courier began publishing on Feb. 15, 1967 by Richard F. Daggett. It merged with West Toledo Herald to form Courier Herald published in Lambertville, Mich.



Newport News began publishing circa 1877. By 1923 it was published by W.F. Sanders.

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