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Missaukee County

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Missaukee history


Lake City

The Missaukee Reporter began publishing circa 1873 by S.W. Davis. It ceased on Oct. 23, 1875.


Lake City Journal began publishing on Apr. 27, 1877 by L.A. Barker. It was republican. It ceased circa Apr. 1884 when it merged with Leader to form New Era.


Leader began publishing circa 1883 by H.N. McIntire. It ceased circa Apr. 1884 when it merged with Lake City Journal to form New Era.


New Era began publishing circa Apr. 1884 by H.N. McIntire.


Missaukee Independent began publishing on Mar. 16, 1887 by M.T. Woodruff. It was continued by The Plain Dealer.


The Plain Dealer began publishing circa 1891 by George S. Stout.


Missaukee Republican began publishing circa 1897. By 1905 it was published by Orville Dennis.


The Waterfront began publishing circa 1957. By 1959 it was published by Marty and Jerry Bradley.


The Missaukee Sentinel began publishing on Dec. 20, 1990 with Pat Trofalter as editor.



The McBain Chronicle began publishing circa 1891 by L. VanMeter. In 1894 it was sold to Orville Dennis and by 1912 it was published by C.R. Burleson.

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