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Mason County

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Mason history



The Fountain Sun began publishing circa 1895 by Dodge Squire.


Fountain Weekly Review began publishing circa 1910. By 1913 it was published by M.L. Walls.



Mason County Star began publishing on Feb. 25, 1915 by E.H. Knickerbocker.



The Mason County Record began publishing on Sept. 17, 1867 by George W. Clayton. It was Republican. It ceased on May 21, 1880 and was continued by The Ludington Record.


The Ludington Weekly Appeal began publishing on June 27, 1873 by William B. Cole. It was Democratic. Cole had previously published The Jacksonian in Pontiac. By 1887 the title was shortened to The Ludington Appeal. It ceased circa 1901 when it merged with Ludington Record to form Ludington Record-Appeal.


The Ludington Democrat began publishing on Dec. 5 1878 by E.W. Marsh.. By 1894 it was published by R.H. Elsworth. After May 23, 1894 it was continued by The Semi-Weekly Democrat and by 1896 published again under the title The Ludington Democrat by L.W. Hardwick.


The Ludington Record began publishing on May 28, 1880 by Darr, C.T. Sawyer, and Thomas P. McMaster. It was destroyed by fire in June 1881. It ceased on May 16, 1901 when it merged with The Ludington Appeal to form Ludington Record-Appeal.


The Daily Mail began publishing on circa 1892 by Charles J. Robinson. It ceased circa 1902.


The Evening News began publishing circa May 1896 by L.W. Hardwick.


The Daily Sun began publishing circa 1901 by Burt Steele. It published daily, except Sun. It likely became The Ludington Daily Sun and then by 1909 The Ludington Daily News.


Ludington Record-Appeal began publishing on May 23, 1901 by Record Print. and Pub. Co. It ceased circa 1914 and was absorbed by The Ludington Daily News.


The Ludington Chronicle began publishing on July 27, 1901 by E.F. Brown. It ceased between 1916 and 1918.


The Michigan Gardener began publishing on Jan. 1905 by App M. Smith. It was monthly.


The Ludington Daily News was publishing 1909 by the Daily News Co. It absorbed Ludington Record-Appeal circa 1914, and absorbed Mason County Enterprise of Scottville circa 1929.


Ludington Weekly Signal began publishing circa May 1915 by Wilbur E. Warr.


Ludington Labor News began publishing circa 1919 or 1920 by Stillwell Print. Co. On its masthead read “ Official organ of Ludington labor.”


The Topic of the Times was publishing by June 1925 by Uno Hoo. “ An independent paper developed in the interests of Ludington's development generally and the Driving Park Association in particular.”


Ludington Tribune began publishing on Jan. 7, 1926 by Tribune Pub. Co.



The Enterprise began publishing circa 1885. By Dec. 1887 it was published by John A. Bryant. By 1894 the title changed to Scottville Enterprise which ceased in Mar. 28, 1918 to become Mason County Enterprise.


Mason Center Advocate began publishing circa 1885 by C.E. Charboneau.


Mason County Enterprise began publishing on Apr. 4, 1918 by W. Earnest Blake. It was absorbed by The Ludington Daily News circa 1929.


The Scottville Independent Farmer began publishing circa 1930 by H.J. Sprague. It later became The Independent Farmer.


The Mason County Press began publishing on Aug. 24, 1938 by Harry E. Kruse. It absorbed Mason County Sentinel. It ceased on Mar. 11, 1976.


The Mason County Press began publishing on Mar. 19, 1986 by J.B. Publications.

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