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Macomb County

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Macomb history



Armada Index began publishing circa Oct. 1874 by Edward H. Bentley. It survived less than a year.


Armada Telegraph began publishing on May 10, 1876 by A.F. Stowe. It was independent in politics.


Armada Crescent began publishing circa 1899 by Gould & Sutton. [This may be the precursor to Armada Times.]


Armada Graphic began publishing on March 1, 1889 by H.J. Barrows and later by C.D. Macaulay.


Armada Times began publishing circa 1890. By 1953 it was published by Mr. and Mrs. Walter W. Schultz.


East Detroit

South Macomb News began publishing on Feb. 26, 1932 by John F. Nellis & Son Co. It ceased circa 1964 when it merged with Daily Monitor-Progress to form Macomb Daily.



Ashley Weekly Independent began publishing circa 1855 by T.M. Perry.



The Halfway News began publishing circa 1920. By 1926 it was published by J.E. Nellis & Son, Co. In it's publishers block reads “Consolidated with the Halfway Review Feb. 26, 1923.”


Mt. Clemens

The Macomb Republican began publishing circa 1836 by J.K. Bourne. It was Democratic. It ceased in 1838.


Macomb Statesman began publishing on Sept. 22, 1837 by H. M. Espy and later by John N. Ingersoll. It was Whig.


Mt. Clemens Patriot began publishing circa 1840 by Thomas M. Perry. It was Democratic. For a while it published with the title The Patriot. It is likely continued by The Macomb Gazette and Mt. Clemens Patriot.


The Macomb Gazette and Mt. Clemens Patriot began publishing circa Apr. 1849 by Allen P. Bentley. It was succeeded by The Macomb Gazette.


Macomb County Herald began publishing on May 30, 1849 by George F. Lewis. It ceased circa 1852 when the office was burned.


The Macomb Gazette was publishing circa 1849 or 1850 by Allen P. Bentley. It was Democratic. It ceased in 1856.


Peninsular Advocate began publishing circa 1853 by George F. Lewis. It was Democratic.


The Republican Standard began publishing circa 1856 by William J. Canfield and Co. It ceased circa 1866.


Macomb County Monitor began publishing circa 1865 by Walter T. Lee. It was Republican. In 1866 it shortened its title to Macomb Monitor. By 1868 it changed titles to The Mount Clemens Monitor.


Macomb Conservative Press began publishing circa 1864 by William Longstaff and James B. Eldredge. In1868 it changed titles to Mount Clemens Press published by John Trevidick. It ceased publishing on Dec. 26, 1872 and restarted by S.B. Russell on May 1, 1873. It ceased circa 1942.


The Mount Clemens Monitor was publishing by 1868 by W.T. & C.H. Lee. It later became Advertiser-Monitor.


The Mt. Clemens Reporter began publishing circa 1872 (or 1873) by Lewis M. Miller. It was short-lived.


The Monitor and Reporter was publishing by 1876 Forster & Miller. It is likely a merger of The Mount Clemens Monitor and The Mt. Clemens Reporter.


True Record began publishing circa early 1880 by Walter T. Lee. It was quickly sold to W.N. Miller and changed titles to Republican.


The Penny Leader began publishing circa 1899 by Leader Pub. Co. It was daily.


The Evening Advertiser began publishing circa 1899 by Advertiser Pub. Co. It was daily.


The Mt. Clemens Daily Leader began publishing circa 1900. By 1921 it was published by Leader-Press Co. It ceased circa 1942 when it merged with Daily Monitor to form Daily Monitor Leader.


Mount Clemens Daily Messenger began publishing circa 1916 by Macomb County Print. Co.


Mount Clemens Advertiser began publishing circa 1935. By 1937 it was published by J.E. Nellis & Son Co. It ceased circa 1940 when it merged with Advertiser-Monitor to form Daily Monitor.


The Advertiser-Monitor began publishing on Nov. 19, 1936 by J.E. Nellis & Son Co. It ceased on Aug. 23, 1940 when it merged with Mount Clemens Advertiser to form Daily Monitor.


The Daily Monitor began publishing on Aug. 26, 1940 by J.E. Nellis & Son Co. It ceased on Apr. 2, 1942 when it merged with Mt. Clemens Daily Leader to form The Daily Monitor Leader.


The Daily Monitor Leader began publishing on Apr. 3, 1942 by J.E. Nellis & Son Co. It was a triweekly from Mar. 16, 1943-Dec. 28, 1945. It merged with Tri-City Progress of Utica to form Daily Monitor-Progress.


Daily Monitor-Progress began publishing circa Sept. 1964 and in mid-October it merged with South Macomb News to form The Macomb Daily.


The Macomb Daily began publishing on Oct. 15, 1964 by Macomb Pub. Co. It was formed by the union of Daily Monitor-Progress and South Macomb News.


Suburban Sunday began publishing on Feb. 4, 1990 by Benjamin J. Burns. It ceased on Feb. 23, 1992.


New Baltimore

New Baltimore-New Haven Star began publishing circa 1894. By 1926 it was published by J.E. Nellis & Son Co.


New Baltimore Era began publishing on May 1, 1897 by Frank W. Andrews.


Anchor Bay Beacon and New Haven Herald was publishing by 1976 by Warren Stromberg.



Richmond Review began publishing on Oct. 1, 1858 by Del. T. Sutton.


Richmond Herald began publishing circa June 1876 Del T. Sutton and George W. Kinfield.



The Investigator began publishing circa the fall of 1850 by Thomas M. Perry. It lived about 2 ½ years.


Romeo Argus began publishing on May 14, 1857 by Marvin V. Bentley & John N. Stone. It was destroyed by fire in Feb. 1864.


The Peninsular Herald began publishing circa 1863 by John Russell. It was devoted to the cause of temperance.


The Romeo Observer began publishing May 3, 1866 by Rev. John Russell. It became Republican in 1869.


The Romeo Democrat began publishing on May 1, 1880 by Fred C. and Clyde H. Buzzel. These brothers were strict Republicans, but their paper was Democratic.



Gazette van Detroit began publishing in Detroit in 1914 by the Belgian Press Co., and later moved to Roseville. It was in Dutch.


The Roseville Record began publishing circa 1925. By 1926 it was edited by Frank D. Rogers.


Saint Clair Shores

St. Clair Shores Herald was publishing by Apr. 18, 1974 by Northeast Detroit Pub. It ceased on Dec. 23, 1993.


St. Clair Shore News began publishing circa 1924. By Jan. 1926 it was published by J.E. Nelson & Son Co. It began publishing in Mt. Clemens, and moved to Saint Clair Shores in Dec. 1927.


The Eastside Advertiser began publishing circa 1981 by C. & G. Pub. Co. It was a monthly. According to its masthead, it served “the cities of Harper Woods, northeast Detroit, and all five Pointes.” After Sept. 8, 1982 its title was shortened to The Advertiser.


Selfridge Base

Stoppages and jams began publishing circa Sept. 1918 “ at the School of Aerial gunnery, Selfridge Field, Mich.”


Selfridge News began publishing circa 1940 by Lee Printing Co. in St. Clair Shores. After Oct. 16, 1943 it changed title to Selfridge Field News.


Selfridge Field News began publishing on Dec. 13, 1943 by the Special Service Office on contract with Mt. Clemens Monitor-Leader. It was a semimonthly.


The Tenth AF News began publishing circa 1951 on the Selfridge Air Force Base. It was monthly.


The Flyer began publishing circa 1951 by the Macomb Pub. Co.



The Enterprise began publishing circa 1836 or 1837 by Henry Fish and R.W. Jenny.


The Macomb Republican began publishing circa Sept. 1840 by E.T. Smith.


The Utica Sentinel began publishing on Aug. 11, 1876 by O.B. Culley and William H. Marvin. In June, 1966 it became a semiweekly and the title shortened to The Sentinel. In Dec. 1966 it became The Daily Sentinel published by the Times Herald Co.


Utica South Macomb Progress began publishing on Jan. 20, 1954 by South Macomb Pub. Co. It ceased on Dec. 14, 1955 and was continued by Tri-City Progress.


Tri-City Progress began publishing on Dec. 21, 1955 by South Macomb Pub. Co. It merged with The Daily Monitor Leader to form Daily Monitor-Progress.


The Source: Sterling Heights ed. began publishing circa 1979. By 1985 it was published by Tom Hennekam and Jan Kalm.


The Advisor: Sterling Heights ed. was publishing by Dec. 1983 by Ralph Kaziateck



The Warren Watchman began publishing on Oct. 22, 1892 by J.F. Mason. It ceased on Apr. 10, 1924 when it was succeeded by Warren-Fraser Herald.


Van Dyke-Centerline Press began publishing circa 1923. By Sept. 1925 it was published by J.F. Nellis & Son Co..


Warren-Fraser Herald began publishing on Apr. 17, 1924 by J.F. Nellis & Son Co.


St. Clair Shores Herald began publishing circa 1949. By 1953 it was published by Ed Rose. It ceased on Dec. 20, 1961 and was continued by South Macomb News.


The Italian Tribune : la Tribuna del Popolo began publishing on Nov. 19, 1982 by E.W. Baker. It was in English and Italian. It continued Tribuna del Popolo which had begun publishing in Detroit, and eventually moved to Warren.

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