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Lenawee County

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Lenawee History



Addison Courier and Tri-County Advertiser began publishing on June 27, 1884 by Albert E. Marvin.



The Lenawee Republican and Adrian Gazette began publishing on Oct. 15, 1834 by Rensselear W. Ingals (or Ingalls). It was neutral in politics. After about nine months it change titles to The Watch-Tower.


The Watch-Tower began publishing in 1835 by R.W. Ingals. It was Democratic. In 1849 Ingals was elected State Printer – Michigan's only elected printer. In June 1853 he began a daily editions of The Watch-Tower. In Oct. 1863 he sold the paper to George W. Larwill and Tom S. Applegate. It ceased on Sept. 9, 1865 and was continued by Adrian Weekly Times.


The Consitutionalist began publishing in 1837 by J.M. Patterson. It was Whig. After less than a year it became The Michigan Whig.


The Michigan Whig began publishing on July 18, 1838 by Henry J. Tyler. It ceased in 1842 when Tyler died. The Jermain brothers purchased the equipment and moved it to Jonesville to begin The Expositor..


The Michigan Expositor began publishing in Sept. 1843 by Sylvanus Pierson And Tompkins Delevan Jermain. It had previously published in Jonesville, Hillsdale County. It began as Whig but became Republican after the party was formed.. In the spring of 1848 they installed Michigan's second power press. The title eventually changed to Adrian Expositor. A triweekly edition began in 1851 and increased to daily in 1856. By early 1866 it was published by Page & Bonner.. In Nov. 1866 it merged with Adrian Weekly Times to form Adrian Times and Expositor.


Jermains' North-Western Dollar Weekly began publishing circa late 1840s by Jermain & Brother. It had begun on June 17, 1848 as a semimonthly temperance paper Pledge of Honor.


The Family Favorite began publishing circa 1847 by James V. Watson. It later became Family Favorite and Temperance Journal.


The Adrian Weekly Monitor began publishing on Dec. 13, 1862 by Comstock & Foster.


The American Eagle began publishing on Jan. 3, 1863 by A.P. Powers.


Adrian Weekly Times began publishing on Sept. 11, 1865 by William Humphrey and Tom S. Applegate. It operated with the equipment from the discontinued Watch-Tower. It had both daily and weekly editions. It was Republican. In Nov. 1866 it merged with The Michigan Expositor to form Adrian Weekly Times and Expositor.


The Adrian Weekly Journal began publishing on Jan. 1, 1866 by Holmes, Cook and Bonner. It was Democratic. It ceased circa 1879.


Adrian Times and Expositor began publishing in 1866 by Lowrie, Applegate & Co. in both weekly and daily editions. Thomas A. Dailey took over publishing in 1901. In 1904 a tri-weekly edition began publishing and Expositor was dropped from the title. In 1914 it was absorbed by Adrian Daily Telegram.


Adrian National Greenback began publishing circa 1867.


Adrian Anzeiger began publishing circa late 1872 by C. Lohmann & Sohn. It was in German. It ceased in 1874.


The Daily Press began publishing on May 17, 1873 by William A. Whitney. It also published a weekly edition. It was Democratic. It was sold to Willard Stearns in 1878. The daily edition ceased on Feb. 3, 1877, while the weekly ceased circa 1908.


Adrian Morning News began publishing on Feb. 2, 1878 by J. Lloyd Breeze. It was daily.


Daily Press began publishing on Sept. 15, 1878 by W. Stearns & Co. (Unsure whether it is related to earlier title of same name.)


The Sunday Morning Call began publishing circa Dec. 1878 by Coster & Warner.


The Evening Record began publishing circa early 1881 by Richard I. Bonner. It was the first two cent daily paper in Adrian. It ceased circa 1887.


Michigan Messenger began publishing circa 1890 by David W. Grandon & G.P. Waring. It was created by the merger of The Center, a Prohibition party paper, and The Lance. Two editions were printed, one for the state and one for local interests. The local edition became semiweekly. In early 1893 the state edition moved to Pontiac. On Nov. 4, 1899 it became the Tri-Weekly Telegram.


Evening Telegram began publishing on Dec. 3, 1892 by M.W. Redfield and Elmer E. Putnam. It was daily. In 1898 it became Adrian Daily Telegram.


Adrian Daily Telegram began publishing on Aug. 8, 1898 by David W. Grandon. In 1902 he brought in Lenawee County's first linotype. In 1914 it absorbed Adrian Times. After May 1, 1983 its title shortened to Daily Telegram published by Robert L. Krout.


The Michigan Patron began publishing in Nov. 1902 by Commings & Balch as an organ of the Grange of Michigan.


The Lenawee Tribune began publishing on Dec. 12, 1968 by Grace Kaledo. It varied between daily, semiweekly and weekly. It likely ceased on Aug. 1, 1974.


Maple City Reporter began publishing on Oct. 20, 1972 by “striking members of the ITV and Newspaper Guild.” It was daily. It ceased on Sept. 21, 1974. It was an “interim” newspaper published during a strike against Adrian Daily Telegram.


Adrian News-Advertiser began publihsing on Oct. 31, 1972. It ceased on Jan. 5, 1973. It published during the Adrian Daily Telegram strike.



The Blissfield Advertiser began publishing in Jan. 1874 by Arthur D. Gilmore. After a few issues it was continued by The Advance.


The Advance began publishing on Apr. 9, 1874 by Charles T. Hamblin and Fred W. Samson.



The Clinton Standard published some time in the 1870s.


The Clinton News began publishing circa 1879 by C.W. Clough. In Apr. 1884 it was moved to Tecumseh to become The Tecumseh News.


The Clinton Local began publishing circa 1884 by F.R. Green.


The Clinton Courier began publishing in 1906.



Deerfield Record began publishing circa 1879 by O.E. Hawkins.


Deerfield Times began publishing in 1894.


The Deerfield Moon began publishing circa 1895. By 1924 it was published by A.P. Falink. It ceased on Oct. 20, 1939.


Deerfield Times-Journal began publishing circa 1895.


The Deerfield Independent began publishing circa 1922.



The Hudson Sentinel began publishing on Jan. (or July) 9, 1853 by William H. Bowlsby. It ceased in 1855.


The Hudson Courier began publishing on Sept. 13, 1855 by a company of men. It was Republican. It was succeeded by The Saturday Evening News.


The Saturday Evening News began publishing on Aug. 15, 1857 by E. Wolverton. It ceased publishing on Mar. 26, 1858. It was continued by The Gazette.


Hudson Gazette began publishing on Mar. 26, 1858 by William Ten Broek Shermerhorn. It merged with Hudson Post to form Hudson Post-Gazette.


The Herald began publishing late in 1862 by Titus Babcock. It was Republican. It was continued by The Transcript which became The Hudson Post.


The Hudson Post began publishing circa early1868 by Laird & Penfield. It was Republican. It ceased on Mar. 7, 1919 when it merged with Hudson Gazette to form Hudson Post-Gazette.


The Hudson Republican began publishing circa 1894. It ceased in Nov. 1896 and was continued by The Hudson Vibrator.


The Hudson Vibrator began publishing in 1896 by Stephens & Parrish. It ceased circa 1898.


Hudson Post-Gazette began publishing on Mar. 11, 1919 by Armstrong & Stone. It was semiweekly till 1942 when it became weekly



The Morenci Star began publishing circa 1860 by Erasmus Darwin Allen. It ceased with the start of the Civil War.


Morenci Journal began publishing circa 1855 by Sylvester B. Smith.


The New Era began publishing in Jan. 1872 by Augustus E. Allen. It was likely continued by New Era and Grange Index.


The State Line Observer began publishing circa Dec. 1875 by Augustus E. Allen. Its title later changed to Morenci Observer published by the Allen Brothers.


The Morenci Review began publishing on Apr. 6, 1878 by the Stair Brothers.


The Morenci News began publishing circa late 1898 by Wilson & Cartwright.



Onsted News began publishing circa 1895. By 1905 it was published by G.S. Easton.



The Tecumseh Democrat began publishing in 1834 by Beriah Brown. It ceased in 1837 and was continued by The Village Record.


The Village Record began publishing in 1837 likely by James L. and David Smith. It ceased in 1847.


The Tecumseh Herald began publishing on Oct. 31, 1850 by James H. Perry. It went through many owner/publishers, some for as short a time as four weeks. It published semiweekly from 1899 to 1918.


The Raisin Valley Record began publishing on Sept. 15, 1866 by Peter R. Adams. It was Republican. Some time after 1868 the paper moved to Cadillac, Wexford County.


The Tecumseh News began publishing on Apr. 17, 1884 by C.F. Field. It ceased publishing circa 1914.


Hayden's Tecumseh Globe began publishing on Nov. 2, 1925 by the Wm. Hayden Milling Co. It was monthly. On Nov. 1, 1926 it became The Tecumseh Globe published by Perry M. Hayden. It was biweekly.

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