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Lapeer County

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Lapeer County



The Almont Leader began publishing circa 1853. By 1855 it was published by George Brewster.


The Almont Herald began publishing in Jan. 1875 by Albert H. Patterson. He later went on to publish Memphis Tribune in St. Clair County. It was later published by James S. Johnson.


Times Journal began publishing on Mar. 1, 1978 by Panax Newspapers. It was formed by the union of Country Journal and Imlay City Times.



The Columbiaville News began publishing in Aug. 1883 by John R. Beden.


Imlay City

Imlay City Weekly Sentinel began publishing on Dec. 13 1872 by Jospeh K. Fairchild. It published for four months before ceasing.


The Imlay City Advance began publishing on June 25, 1875 first by George R. Manwaring and then by Edward B. Griffith.


The Imlay City Herald began publishing circa 1880 by Charles F. Gee. It ceased on July 24, 1885 was absorbed by the Imlay City Optic.


The Imlay City Optic began publishing circa 1884 by Lyons & Goulet. In 1885 it absorbed The Imlay City Herald.


The Imlay City Record began publishing circa 1883. By 1896 it was published by A.W. Hubbell.


Imlay City Times began publishing on Nov. 30, 1888 by the Times Pub. Co. It ceased on Feb. 22, 1978 when it merged with The County Journal to form Times Journal published in Almont.



Plain Dealer & Lapeer County Democrat began publishing in 1839 by the Lapeer Typographical Association, with E.H. Thompson as the editor. The office was destroyed by fire in 1845.


Lapeer County Whig began publishing circa 1842 by R.W. Jenny. (This paper may have begun as The Sentinel published by W.H. Williams.)


The Lapeer County Democrat began publishing circa 1850 by Lorenzo D. Hatch.


Lapeer Tocsin began publishing circa 1856 by William Ryan.


The Lapeer Republican began publishing circa 1856 by George S. Fletcher. It's name was later changed to The Clarion. It was later published by S.H. Tomlinson. By 1868 it was called Weekly Clarion published by D.W. Moon. On Aug. 17, 1900 it was called The Lapeer County Republican Clarion published by E.T. Woodruff. By 1906 it was Lapeer County Clarion published by Louis C. Cramton. It ceased in 1925 when it merged with Lapeer County Press to form Lapeer County Press and Lapeer County Clarion.


The Lapeer Democrat began publishing circa 1872 by J.B. Graham, and was published by H.S. Harcourt in 1876. By 1885 it was published by H.C. Kudner. After Mar. 17, 1897 it became The Lapeer County Courier and Democrat and 2 months later, on May 26 it became Lapeer County Press and Democrat. By 1910 the title had shortened to Lapeer County Press. It ceased publishing on Feb. 25,1925 when it merged with Lapeer County Clarion to form Lapeer County Press and Lapeer County Clarion.


Lapeer County Press and Lapeer County Clarion began publishing on Mar. 4, 1925. After Feb. 20, 1946 its name was shortened to Lapeer County Press and after Oct. 17, 1984 to County Press.



Metamora Bee began publishing circa Apr. 1883 by Charles A. Fricke.


The Cross Roads Weekly began publishing on Apr. 8, 1897 by E.A. Holmes. It was Republican.


North Branch

The North Branch Observer began publishing on May 22, 1875 by V.S. Miller. In 1879 he sold it to F.J. Galbraith.


The Weekly Gazette began publishing circa 1879 by F.J. Galbraith. By Jan. 4, 1889 by A.C. & W.F. Galbraith and called The North Branch Gazette.


Otter Lake

The Otter Lake Telegram began in Otisville, Genesee County on Oct. 28, 1880 by T.W. Smithson. In Jan. 1882 it moved to Otter Lake.

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