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Kent County

Page history last edited by kevin driedger 15 years, 9 months ago


Kent history

Cedar Springs

The Cedar Springs Clipper began publishing on Dec. 29, 1869 by L.M. Sellers.


Grand Rapids

Grand River Times began publishing on Apr. 18, 1837 by George W. Pattison. It ceased on May 11, 1841 and changed titles to Grand Rapids Enquirer.


Grand Rapids Enquirer began publishing on May 18, 1841 with S. M. Johnson as editor. Later publishers included J.H. Morse, and Jacob Barns. A daily edition began circa May, 1856.It ceased circa May 1863 and was continued by Grand Rapids Weekly Democrat


The Young Hickory was publishing by Aug. 16, 1844 by J.H. Morse & Co.


Grand River Eagle began publishing circa 1848. By June 1855, it was published by A.B. Turner.


The Herald began publishing circa March, 1855 by A.E. Gordon. It was daily. It ceased in 1857 and merged with The Inquirer to form The Inquirer and Herald.


The Valley City Advertiser began publishing circa 1855. By June 1859 it was published by B.N. Sexton. It was a monthly.


The Inquirer began publishing circa Nov. 1955. It was a daily. It ceased in 1857 and merged with The Herald to from The Inquirer and Herald.


{{The Inquirer and Herald began publishing circa 1857 by J.P. Thompson and A.E. Gordon. A semiweekly edition, Grand Rapids Semi-Weekly Enquirer, also began in 1857. The title was later changed to The Grand Rapids Democrat. }}


Grand Rapids Weekly Democrat began publishing circa June 1863 by M. H. Clark & Co. In 1884 or 1885 it Grand Rapids dropped from the title. It ceased on Jan. 8, 1891 when it merged with Middle West, to form Middle West. And Weekly Democrat.


The Grand Rapids Times began publishing circa April, 1870 by C.C. Sexton. It issued both daily and weekly issues. It was Republican.


The Grand Rapids Post began publishing on Oct. 4, 1873 by D.N. Foster. It was semiweekly.


The Vrijheids Banner (Banner of Liberty) began publishing on Nov. 1, 1868 by Verburg & Van Leeuwen. It was in Dutch.


The Staats Zeitung began publishing on Nov. 25, 1874 by William Eichelsdoerfer. It was in German.


De Standaard began publishing on Jan. 20, 1875 by D. Schram and T. Van Strien.


Daily National Enquirer began publishing circa May 1877 by Enquirer Publishing Co.


The New Era began publishing circa 1875. By 1885 it was published by Daniel G. Garnsey.


Agricultural World and Michigan Homestead began publishing circa 1876. By June, 1883 it was published by F.M. Carroll & Co.


Grand Rapids Chronicle began publishing circa 1883. By June 1898 it was published by W. B. Weston. On its masthead read, “Official Paper Michigan Federation of Labor.” It ceased Oct. 1940 and was absorbed by Michigan Times.


Michigan Artisan began publishing circa 1889 by Michigan Artisan Co. It was daily.


De Gids began publishing circa 1890. By 1896 it was published by W. Pos. It was in Dutch.


Grand Rapids Post began publishing circa 1894 by Benno Muhlen. It was in German.


The Arbitrator was publishing by Aug., 1895 by Charles H. Young. On its masthead read, “Official Paper of the Michigan Federation of Labor.”


Een Stem des Volks = A Voice of the People began publishing circa 1895 by George Roelofs. It was in Dutch.


The Times began publishing circa 1895 by Times Printing Co.


Free Coinage Independent began publishing circa 1895. It merged with The Middle West. And Weekly Democrat to from The Middle West. Weekly Democrat and Free Coinage Independent.


The Middle West. Weekly Democrat and Free Coinage Independent began publishing on May 20, 1897 by Grand Rapids Publishing Co. By 1900 the title had shortened to The Weekly Middle West.



Lowell Weekly Journal began publishing circa July, 1865 by Webster Morris. It was Republican. In 1873 the title shortened to Lowell Journal.



The Register began publishing on Feb. 8, 1871 by C.H. Cowdin.



Sparta Sentinel began publishing circa 1877 by J.W. Hallack.

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Raymond Clausen said

at 10:25 am on Nov 5, 2010

Why nothing about the Star-Alliance Publishing Co. in Grandville?

kevin driedger said

at 11:38 am on Nov 5, 2010

Good catch! I'm not sure how it is that I skipped the Grandville papers. I'll try and get those updated.

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