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Jackson County

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Jackson history



Brooklyn Exponent began publishing circa Sept. 1881 by C.W. Clough. By 1976 its title was shortened to Exponent published by William T. Schepeler.



The Concord News began publishing on June 2, 1871 by Frank A. Crittenden. It ceased circa 1880 and was continued by Our Home Enterprise.


Our Home Enterprise began publishing circa 1880. By 1884 it was published by Ira D. Durgy. It ceased on Oct. 18, 1888 and was continued by Concord Independent.


Concord Independent began publishing on Oct. 25, 1888 by Frank McKenzie. It ceased circa 1918 and was continued by The Concord News.


The Concord News began publishing circa 1918 by Frank W. McKenzie. After Oct. 8, 1964 it became Concord News and Jackson County Legal News. A year later it split into Concord News published by Elmer F. Wilson and Jackson County Legal News published by R.C.K. Corp.


Grass Lake

Public Sentiment began publishing circa Jan. 1853 by B.F. Burnett.


Grass Lake News began publishing circa 1879. By 1882 it was published by John F. Lusk. After Oct. 29, 1954 it merged with Michigan Center News to form The News published out of Grass Lake.


The News began publishing on Nov. 5, 1954 by R.B. and B.H. Mather. It ceased on Jan. 27, 1977 and was continued by News and Public Sentiment which shortly became Public Sentiment.


Public Sentiment began publishing on Sept. 29, 1977 by Ralph E. Bamm Enterprises. It ceased on Apr. 27, 1982.


The News began publishing on June 1, 1982.



Hanover Times began publishing circa 1881. By 1887 it was published by D.W. Peabody.


Hanover Local began publishing on June 13, 1891 by W.H. Housman. After May 18, 1922 it merged with Horton Local to form Hanover-Horton Local.


Hanover-Horton Local began publishing on May 25, 1922 by E.P. Lamont. It ceased on Oct. 30, 1986.



Horton Local began publishing on Oct. 28, 1893 by E.P. Lamont. After May 18, 1922 it merged with Hanover Local to form Hanover-Horton Local.


The Horton Journal began publishing on June 28, 1935 by the Horton Journal Publishing Co.


Jackson (formerly Jacksonburg)

The Jacksonburg Sentinel began publishing circa Mar. 1837 (or possibly Sept. 1836) by Nicholas Sullivan. In 1838 it became The Jackson Sentinel. It ceased in 1840 and was continued by The Michigan State Gazette.


The Michigan Democrat began publishing on Mar. 8, 1838 by George W. Raney and Reuben S. Cheney. In 1845 it was continued by The Jackson Patriot.


The American Freeman published circa May 1839 by William M. Sullivan. It was an anti-slavery semi-monthly. After four issues it changed title to Michigan Freeman published by the Executive Committee of the Michigan State Anti-Slavery Society edited by Seymour B. Treadwell.


The Michigan Temperance Herald began publishing circa 1840 by William and Nicholas Sullivan. It was a semi-monthly. It lasted three years.


The Jackson Patriot began publishing circa 1845 by Wilbur Storey and Reuben S. Cheney. It was Democratic. Storey went on to publish the Detroit Free Press and the Chicago Times. A daily edition, Jackson Daily Patriot, began in 1870. It later became Jackson Morning Patriot and Jackson Patriot. It ceased on May 25, 1918 when it merged with Jackson Citizen Press to form Jackson Citizen Patriot.


The Michigan State Gazette began publishing Aug. 13, 1840 by W. Hitchcock and Morgan S. Moore. It was a Whig paper. It ceased circa 1848 and was continued by The American Citizen.


The American Citizen began publishing Aug. 15, 1849 by A.A. Dorrance and Charles V. De Land. It later became True Citizen, then Weekly True Citizen, then Jackson Weekly Citizen (1862), Jackson Semi-Weekly Citizen (1895). A daily edition began on Mar. 27, 1865. In 1904 it merged with The Evening Press to form Jackson Citizen Press.


The Michigan State Journal began publishing on Sept. 27, 1848 by A.A. Dorrance. It was Whig. The owner sold the paper to Munger & Patterson who moved it to Lansing.


The Jackson Eagle began publishing on Mar. 29, 1861 by B.L. Carlton. It was independent. In 1866 it merged with The Jackson Patriot.


Volkesfreund began publishing circa 1876 by Rudolph Worsch. It was in German.


Saturday Evening Times began publishing circa Aug. 1876 by Fitzgerald & DeLand.


The Saturday Evening Star began publishing circa 1880 by Myron W. Tarbox.


Le Billet Doux began publishing circa late 1879 by Asmodeus. “Devoted to Personal, Social, Musical, Dramatic and Religious affairs.”


Michigan Industrial Liberator began publishing circa Jan. 1880 by Wilber H. Clute.


The Evening Press began publishing circa 1884. It ceased circa 1904 when it merged with Jackson Daily Citizen to form Jackson Citizen Press.


The Jackson Daily Courier began publishing circa Sept. 1883 by Parly W. Heaton. It later published as The Evening Courier.


The Industrial News began publishing circa 1888. It also published with the title Industrial News and Alliance Sentinel.


The Jackson Citizen Press began publishing circa 1904 by Jackson Citizen Co. It ceased on Feb. 22, 1916 when it merged with Jackson Patriot to form The Jackson Citizen Patriot.


The Jackson Citizen Patriot began publishing as a daily on May 26, 1918. In 1925 it absorbed The Jackson News.


The Jackson News began publishing on Aug. 11, 1918 by James Frank. It published daily, except Mondays. It ceased circa 1925 when it was absorbed by Jackson Citizen Patriot.


The Jackson Tribune began publishing circa 1926 by Jackson Tribune Publishing Co. It published daily except Sundays.


Jackson Blazer began publishing circa 1963. By 1969 it was published by Charles Cade.


The Blazer News began publishing circa 1974. This African-American paper served “Albion, Battle Creek, Jackson, and Grass Lake.”


Michigan Center

Michigan Center News began publishing on Apr. 19, 1951 by Robert B. Mather. It ceased on Oct. 29, 1954 when it merged with Grass Lake News to form News published out of Grass Lake.



The Munith News began publishing circa 1928. By 1940 it was published by Charles H. Tibbetts.



The Parma News began publishing on June 13, 1868 by William G. Reed. It ceased on Apr. 17, 1869.


The Public Advertiser began publishing on Feb. 1869 by James Hammill and Richard P. Aldrich. It was a monthly.


The Michigan American began publishing circa 1882 by Michigan Christian Association. This monthly was continued by American published out of Washington, D.C.


The Parma News began publishing circa 1897 by C.O. Potter. It ceased on Mar. 1, 1995 and was continued by West County Press.


West County Press began publishing on Mar. 8, 1995 by Matt Schepeler. It later became County Press.



The Springport Signal began publishing circa 1876.

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