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Huron County

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Huron history


Bad Axe

The Backwoodsman began publishing in 1876 by Bell Irwin. It was Democratic. In 1880 it was purchased by George A. Maywood and renamed The Huron Tribune.


The Huron Tribune began publishing circa 1880 by John and George A. Maywood. It was Republican. In 1899 it published twice a week adding a Tuesday edition. In September 1902 it merged with Huron County Republican, to form Huron tribune. And the Huron County Republican.


The Huron County Gazette was publishing by 1882 (uncertain where) when it was purchased by the Maywood brothers and absorbed into The Huron Tribune.


The Bad Axe Democrat began publishing circa early 1884 by E.J. Dunn. He sold it to Jacob T. Rorick.


Huron County Independent began publishing circa 1885. By 1915 it was edited by John Maywood. Some articles were in German.


The Bad Axe Weekly Republican began publishing Aug. 1899 by Bad Axe Republican Pub. By 1901 it likely changed title to The Huron County Republican. In Sept. 1902 it merged with Huron Tribune, to form Huron Tribune. And the Huron County Republican.


Huron Tribune. And the Huron County Republican began publishing in Sept. 1902 by John Maywood. It ceased on Oct. 19, 1906 and was continued by Huron County Tribune.


Huron County Tribune began publishing on Oct. 26, 1906 by G.E. English. It continued Huron Tribune. And the Huron County Republican. It was a weekly till 1942, then increased to semiweekly and increased again in 1949 to triweekly.


The Huron News began publishing on Aug. 3, 1932 by Calvin C. Shoemaker. The issues through December 1932 were published irregularly, and consisted largely of advertisements. It ceased publishing on Aug. 7, 1936.


The Huron Daily Tribune began publishing on Oct. 10, 1955 by Charles A. Spence. It continues Huron County Tribune.



The Caseville Advertiser began publishing in January 29, 1874 by Thomas F. Woodworth and Albert O. Quinn. In 1876 it merged with Huron County News to form Huron County News and Caseville Advertiser.



The Elkton Advance began publishing circa 1898. By 1938 it was published by George V. Hartman. In Nov. 1954 it merged with Pigeon Progress, to form Progress-Advance.


Harbor Beach

Harbor Beach news began publishing on June 16, 1911 by the News Printing Co.



The Pigeon Progress began publishing on Sept. 3, 1897 by the George H.A. Shaw. After Nov. 26, 1954 it merged with Elkton Advance, to form Progress-Advance.


The Progress-Advance began publishing on Dec. 2, 1954. It was formed by the union of: Elkton Advance, and Pigeon Progress. Circa 1992 it merged with Sebewaing Blade and Unionville Crescent to form The Newsweekly.


The Newsweekly began publishing circa 1992 by Thumb Publications. It moved to Sebewaing in Dec. 2003.


Port Austin

Huron County Reporter began publishing circa early 1862 by D.R. Joslin. In 1863 Joslin moved to start a paper in Alpena.


Huron County News began publishing circa 1864 by W.T. Hutchison. It continues The News of Sand Beach. After June 22, 1876 it merged with The Caseville Advertiser, to briefly publish under the title Huron County News and Caseville Advertiser before reverting back to Huron County News in August.


The Port Austin Post began publishing circa 1887. By June 1889 it was published by A.K. Burrows.


Sand Beach

Huron County News began publishing on Mar. 12, 1862 by O.T. Harrington. It was Republican. The office burned down and the paper was later re-established in Port Austin.


Huron Times began publishing on Apr. 8, 1880 by Joseph W. Selden. It was Republican. Selden had worked at several other papers, having started as an apprentice at age 13 at the Tuscola Pioneer. After Apr. 15, 1898, it changed title to Sand Beach Times and changed again in March 1899 to Harbor Beach Times to follow the Sand Beach being renamed Harbor Beach. At this point it was published by the Browne Brothers. In 1998 the title was shortened to The Times, published by Mike Murphy.



The Sebewaing Blade began publishing circa 1890. By 1900 it was published by the Egabroad Brothers. In 1958 it merged with Unionville Crescent to form The Sebewaing Blade and Unionville Crescent.


The Review began publishing on Dec. 13, 1901 by H.T. Trumble. It was Republican.


The Sebewaing Blade and Unionville Crescent published from 1959 to 1992. It merged with Progress-Advance to from Newsweekly published out of Pigeon.



The Ubly Courier began publishing circa 1895 by the Ingersoll brothers. By 1958 it was published by Don. R. MacDonald. It ceased publishing on Dec. 31, 1971

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