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Hillsdale County

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Hillsdale history



Allen Argus began publishing circa 1900.



Camden Advance began publishing on Oct. 15, 1898 by Graham Burroughs. In 1948 it appears to have absorbed The Montgomery Record. It moved to Reading in 1953 changed titles to The Farmers’ Advance describing itself as “The farm & auction weekly.”


The Country Connection began publishing as a biweekly circa 1991.



The Hillsdale Gazette began publishing on June 30, 1843 by McCollum & Graves. It was the continuation of the Hillsdale County Gazette which had been published in Jonesville. It published as a semiweekly for two months in the summer of 1846. In 1855 it was purchased by N.B. Welper and moved to Three Rivers.


Hillsdale Courier began publishing on Jan. 15, 1845 by James K. Kinman. It ceased on Oct. 1, 1845.


The Hillsdale Whig Standard began publishing on June 30, 1846 by Harvey B. Rowlson and Stephen D. Clark. In 1851 Whig dropped from the title and moved into the Republican fold in 1855, shortly after the formation of this new party. In 1909 it merged with The Herald-Democrat to form Hillsdale Daily Standard Herald.


The Hillsdale Banner began publishing on Aug. 1, 1848 by D.M. Bagley in the interests of the “Free Soil” party. It ceased publication in October.


The Crisis began publishing on July, 1849 by J. McCollum.


The Hillsdale Democrat began publishing as the Hillsdale County Democrat on May 26, 1859 by N.B. Welper, and later by W.H. Tallman.


The Weekly Business began publishing June 1, 1870 by H.T. Farnam & Carleton. Under the masthead it read “Devoted to religion, politics, literature, amusements, science, art & news.” It ceased publishing circa 1886.


The Hillsdale Leader began publishing circa 1882 by E.J. March & Co. It changed from a weekly to a semiweekly some time between 1909 and 1912 and ceased publication in 1919.


The Telephone-News began publishing on Aug. 17, 1893 by English & Bowman formed by the union of North Adams News and Reading Telephone. From Feb. 1896 to Dec. 1897 it was published in Pioneer, Ohio and moved to Reading in January 1898.


Hillsdale Daily Standard Herald began publishing on Apr. 5, 1909 by D.W. Grandon. It was formed by the merger of The Hillsdale Standard to The Herald-Democrat. It published with the shorter title of The Hillsdale Daily from 1911 to May 8, 1915 when it changed title to The Hillsdale Daily News.


The Hillsdale Daily News began publishing on May 10, 1915 by Harvey J. Burgess.



Hillsdale County Gazette began publishing in April 13, 1839 by C.G. McKay with James K. Kinman as editor. It was Democratic. The county seat soon moved to Hillsdale the paper followed in May of 1843.


The Jonesville Expositor began publishing on Oct. 15, 1840 by the Hillsdale Whig Association. It was later renamed The Michigan Expositor. In Nov. 1844 the Expositor was moved to Adrian.


The Jonesville Telegraph began publishing as The Telegraph circa Feb. 1850 by C. Gregory & Co. and by Apr. 25, 1850 it was published by W.W. Murphy. After July 1, 1855 the name was changed to The Jonesville Independent.


The Jonesville Independent began publishing circa 1855 continuing The Jonesville Telegraph. Occasionally the paper was published as The Jonesville Weekly Independent. For many years it was published by James I. Dennis, who left it in 1876.


The Hillsdale County Gazette began publishing again on Mar. 13, 1878 by James I. Dennis. It was initially published in Waldron and then Pittsford, before moving to Jonesville in 1893.



Litchfield Pioneer began publishing in 1848 by Dr. Zenas Brown. It survived a short while.


Litchfield Investigator began publishing in June 1872 by Silas H. Egabroad. It ceased in October of the same year.


Litchfield Gazette began publishing circa 1874 by George L. Woodard. It ceased publishing two years short of its centennial on July 17, 1969



The Montgomery Record began publishing on Apr. 6, 1905 by A.C. Wolfe. In 1911 it published as The Record. It appears to have been absorbed by The Camden Advance in 1948.


North Adams

The North Adams Advocate began publishing circa 1895. By 1926 it was published by L.V. Harvey.



Pittsford Star began publishing circa late 1886 by William Cone.


The Pittsford Reporter began publishing circa 1905. By 1908 it was published by George B. Van Black.



Reading Review began publishing circa 1870 by Rev. Lockhart. It ceased after six months.


Rough Notes began publishing on Oct. 19, 1872 by George Gray. It stated it interests as “Devoted to news, morality and the interests of the people.” It was continued by The Reading Press.


The Reading Press began publishing circa 1873 by B.J. Kingston. It published for three years.


The Ready-Pay Reporter began publishing circa 1876. By 1878 it was published by Horace N. Turrell and Devoe and devoted to the “ready-pay system of doing business.”


The Reading News began publishing in 1878 by A.J. French. It survived five months.


Reading Telephone began publishing circa 1879 by R.A. Marvin. In August 1893 it merged with North Adams News, to form Telephone-News.


Reading Hustler began publishing Nov. 11, 1891 by Fred A. Rogers. It ceased on Jan. 3, 1957.


The Voice began publishing as a monthly in Mar. 1992 with James Kunkle as editor.



The Waldron Recorder began publishing circa 1893 by W.A. Coad.


The Wright Guide began publishing in 1965. In 1976 its title changed to Wright Guide, a Pioneer Country Press and its coverage included Hillsdale County as well as Pioneer and Williams counties in Ohio. It cease on Jan. 12, 1977.

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