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Gratiot County

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Gratiot County history



The Alma Enterprise began publishing on Sept. 3, 1874 by Bryan & Johnson.


Alma Record began publishing circa 1878. By 1885 Miss C.M. Fleming was the publisher. It ceased in 1928 when it merged with Alma Journal.


Alma Index began publishing in April, 1879 by M.L. Hart. In 1881 it was purchased by Alvin D. Pettit who later changed the name to The Gratiot County Record.


The Gratiot County Record began publishing in 1881 by Alvin D. Pettit. It was eventually sold to N.G. “Nick” Davidson who renamed the paper The Alma Record.


The Alma News began publishing in July 1888 with A.J. Strange as editor. It was absorbed by The Alma Record in Nov. 1890.


Alma Enterprise began publishing circa 1892 by Alfred Ringe. It lasted only a short while.


The Alma Argus began publishing on Mar. 1, 1895 by “Nick” Davidson & Harvie. In 1904 the title was changed to The Alma Journal.


The Alma Journal began publishing circa 1904 by Caris Brown and Joseph Sartor, Jr.


Gratiot County Night Hawk began publishing circa 1928 by the Night Hawk Committee. This paper was sympathetic to the Ku Klux Klan.


The Alma Record and Alma Journal began publishing on Jan. 3, 1929 by Babcock & Babcock. It was formed by the union of Alma Record and Alma Journal. It ceased on Dec. 26, 1963 when its title shortened to Alma Record.


The Alma Record began publishing on Jan. 2, 1964 by James M. Tagg and shortened its name to Record Sept. 15, 1966 with Richard L. Milliman as publisher. At the end of 1967 it merged with St. Louis Leader-Press, to form Record-Leader.


Record-Leader published as a weekly from Jan. 4, 1968 to Feb. 29, 1968 before becoming Daily Record-Leader published daily except Sat., Sun., Wed., and legal holidays from Mar. 4, 1968 to Jan. 4, 1974 by Panax Corp. After Mar. 4, 1977 it became Morning Sun.


The Reminder News began publishing on Mar. 25, 1977 by Graph Ads as Reminder Friday Edition, then Reminder News Edition. It was absorbed by Morning Sun on Sept. 24, 1981.


Morning Sun began publishing on Dec. 6, 1977 by Panax Corp. It was a daily. It absorbed Reminder News Edition.



The Ashley Argus began publishing on Apr. 7, 1887 by William C. Biggs.


The Ashley Gazette began publishing circa May 1887 by William P. Ismonde. It ceased in September of the same year.


Ashley Union began publishing circa Aug. 1888 by L. Austin & Son.


Gratiot County Gleaner began publishing on Oct. 11, 1888 by W. Charles Hopper. It later became Ashley Gleaner. It ceased in Jan. 1891.


The Ashley News began publishing circa 1890 with A.L. Howe as editor. In 1894 or 1895 it was absorbed by Saturday Evening Post.


Saturday Evening Post began publishing circa 1890. By 1895 Louis M. Fuller was the editor. It absorbed The Ashley News in 1894 or 5 and shortened its title to The Saturday Post in 1897.


Ashley World began publishing on Feb. 10, 1891 by Z.V. Payne.


The Ashley News began publishing on Dec. 20, 1928 by Harry V. Seabrook.



The Bannister News began publishing circa 1889 by News Publishing Co.



Breckenridge Clarion was published by Grant Steele. It ceased in 1908.


Breckenridge American began circa 1908 by Ellsworth A.C. Allen


Elm Hall

Corner Local began publishing circa March 1883 by T.F. Rogers. It ceased in 1887.


Fort Gratiot

The Ft. Gratiot Sun began publishing on Dec. 3, 1881 by Finn & Soults.



The Gratiot News began publishing circa May 1858 by Samuel N. Miller and Robert Sutton. It ceased in September, 1865.


The Northern Courier began publishing circa late 1860 by Israel B. Coats. Coats died a short while later, and his paper with him.


Gratiot County Journal began publishing as the Weekly Journal in 1865 by Nathan Church and Daniel Taylor. In 1869 the publisher was Daniel Taylor and in 1875, Robert Smith. It became a semiweekly circa 1905. It ceased publishing circa 1914.


The Gratiot County Democrat began publishing in Aug. 1878 by Charles S. Hilbourn. It ceased in 1881.


Ithaca Times began publishing on Apr. 6, 1883 by Frank M. Vandercook.


Gratiot Advance began publishing in the summer of 1886 by Johnson & Groom. In 1887 it was purchased by W.D. Tucker who merged it with The St. Louis Herald to form Gratiot County Herald. It is a Republican paper.


The Wolverine Farmer began publishing on May, 1891 by the Chase Brothers. It was monthly.


Gratiot County News began publishing in Sept. 1894 by Walter T. Smith and Charles H. Elliot. It was Democratic. On Apr. 12, 1906 it was absorbed by the Gratiot Journal.



The news began publishing circa 1887 by H.S. Phillips.


Middleton Record began publishing circa 1910 by Charles M. Newton.


The Middleton News began publishing circa 1935 by Arthur J. Morris.


North Star

The North Star News began publishing circa mid-1890 with A.L. Howe as the editor.



The Mirador began publishing circa Aug. 1887 by William W. Secord.


Fulton news began publishing circa June 1903. By 1908, A.J. Preston was the publisher.



Gratiot County Enterprise began publishing circa May 1897 by C.F. Brown.


The Riverdale Promoter began publishing in July 1911 by J.L. Nichols. By 1930 it had consolidated with Gratiot County Democrat. It ceased in 1947.


St. Louis

The St. Louis Gazette began publishing on Jan. 8, 1869 by William. H.H. Bartram.


The St. Louis Herald began publishing on March 17, 1871 by William W. Cook. From 1874-1876 the publisher was Jared B. Graham. In 1887 it was moved to Ithaca and consolidated with the Gratiot Advance to form Gratiot County Herald.


The Garden of the Peninsula began publishing on Feb. 1875 by St. Louis Co. It was a monthly civic promotional item.


The St. Louis Spy began publishing circa 1879 by Meyer & Vandercook.


The St. Louis Leader began publishing circa 1879 by Frank M. Vandercook and Pettit. It briefly published a daily edition, The Evening Leader, beginning on Mar. 5, 1881. It ceased on Aug. 24, 1933 when it merged with Breckenridge American to form St. Louis Leader and Breckenridge American


Gratiot County Democrat began publishing circa fall 1882 by Jerome V. Johnson. There was a daily edition of The Daily Democrat for a short while in 1883. The paper ceased in Jan. 1885 and the equipment was sold to Frank Bracelin of the Montague Lumberman.


St. Louis Republican began circa 1885 by Frank M. Vandercook. During its history it also published daily (beginning in 1888) and semi-weekly editions. The name was shortened to Republican in 1886 or 1887. In Dec. 1889 it merged with The St. Louis Leader to become The St. Louis Republican-Leader.


The People’s friend began publishing circa Nov. 1885 by Harrington & Payne Bros.


Gratiot County Herald began publishing in 1887 by W.O. Tucker. It continued the St. Louis Herald.


The St. Louis Press began publishing in May 1888 by J. Wesley Griffith. It was Democratic. It ceased in Aug. 1889.


The Independent began publishing in Jan. 1890 by Frank M. Vandercook using the presses from the recently deceased St. Louis Press. It ceased in 1812.


The Michigan Patrons Guide began publishing circa 1891 by Frank M. Vandercook. It was monthly.


Evening Penny News began publishing circa late 1893 by Blakeslee, Tidball & Co. After a few months the title changed to Daily Penny News.


The St. Louis Evening Press began publishing on May 1, 1894 by Frank M. Vandercook. It was a daily. It ceased publication on Dec. 1896..


Evening Press began publishing circa 1935. It was absorbed by The St. Louis Leader and Breckenridge American.


The St. Louis Leader and Breckenridge American began publishing on Aug. 31, 1933 by Babcock and Babcock. In late 1935 it absorbed the St. Louis Press to become Saint Louis Leader-Press Combined with the Breckenridge American with Clarence V. Smazel as publisher. On July 21, 1966 it shortened its name to Saint Louis Leader-Press. At the end of 1967 it merged with merged with The Record (Alma, Mich.), to form Record-Leader published in Alma.

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