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Grand Traverse County

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Grand Traverse history

Fife Lake

Fife Lake Eye began publishing in the summer of 1881 by E.B. Dennis. It ceased in the fall of the following year. Dennis had previously established the Kalkaska Leader.


Fife Lake Comet began publishing on Nov. 16, 1882 by E.B. Dennis. It ceased circa Mar. 1884.


Fife Lake Monitor began publishing circa 1891 by Bert Hough. In 1910 it was sold to the Grand Traverse Herald.


The Fife Lake Booster began publishing circa 1911 by Fern M. Townsend.


Fife Lake Reporter began publishing circa early 1923 by Gerald B. Herrider.



Paradise Enterprise began publishing in 1888 by Myron S. Brownson. In 1891 it was absorbed by the Traverse City Transcript.


The Echo was published at some point in the late 1800s in Kingsley.


The Kingsley Hustler began publishing circa 1899 by Myron S. Brownson.


Traverse City

The Grand Traverse Herald began publishing City on Nov. 3, 1858 by Morgan Bates (lieutenant Governor). Bates had established newspapers in Pennsylvania, where Horace Greeley had worked as a journeyman printer, and California before moving to Traverse City. It may be the first paper north of Grand Rapids. (confirm) It was Republican. Bates sold it to Dewitt C. Leach in 1867. In 1876, Thomas T. Bates (Morgan Bates’ nephew) purchased the paper. In 1897 it absorbed Traverse City Transcript. In 1908 it changed to semiweekly publication. After Oct. 27, 1910 it merged with Traverse Bay Eagle, to form Grand Traverse Herald and Traverse Bay Eagle.


The Traverse Bay Eagle began publishing on Jan. 1, 1866 by Elvin L. Sprague. The paper began in Elk Rapids as The Elk Rapids Eagle before moving to Traverse City. It began as Republican, but switched to Democratic. The paper attempted a daily edition, Traverse Bay Daily Eagle, in 1879 and with success in 1893. In Oct. 1910 it merged with Grand Traverse Herald, to form Grand Traverse Herald and Traverse Bay Eagle.


Traverse City Transcript began publishing circa 1889. On May 1, 1893, A.P. Hough took over management of the paper. In 1897 it was absorbed by The Grand Traverse Herald.


Daily Eagle began publishing on Mar. 28 1893. In late 1910 it merged with The Evening Record to from Record-Eagle.


Morning Record began publishing on May 5, 1897 by Thomas T. Bates and J.W. Hannen. It was Republican. After Mar. 10, 1901 it became The Evening Record. It ceased on Oct. 29, 1910 after which it merged with Daily Eagle to form Record-Eagle.


The Record-Eagle began publishing on Oct. 31, 1910 by the Herald and Record Co. It was a daily. It merged with the Daily Eagle to form Traverse City Record=Eagle.


Grand Traverse Herald and Traverse Bay Eagle began publishing on Nov. 1, 1910 by the Herald & Record Co. It was a semiweekly. It ceased publishing circa 1913.


Traverse City Press began publishing circa 1916 by Gothic Press Printing Service. Its frequency varied between weekly and semiweekly. In 1918 it changed titles to Grand Traverse Press.


Traverse City Record=Eagle was publishing by Jan. 2, 1917 by Herald and Record Co.


Honest Opinion began publishing circa early 1919 by Edward Lautner.


Grand Traverse News began publishing circ Oct. 1931 by Ben L. Taylor.


Traverse City Trade Review began publishing on Sept. 16, 1937 by the Record Publishing Co. It’s masthead read “Devoted to merchandising and news through co-operation of Traverse City merchants.”


The Cherryland Review began publishing on Sept. 15, 1938 by Bits Publishing Co. On the masthead in 1940 it read “The first photo-lithographic newspaper in the State of Michigan.”


Le coq d'or began publishing on July 31, 1969 by students at Northwestern Michigan College.


The Weekender began publishing on Jan. 15, 1970 by John F. McCann. Above the masthead read “A regional feature news weekly.”


Traverse Bay News began publishing on Mar. 2, 1972 by Robert True.


Preview Community Weekly began publishing circ 1976.

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