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Gogebic County

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Gogebic history


Pick and Axe began publishing circa 1884 by J.J. Simpson.


The Bessemer Herald began publishing circa 1885. By 1894 it was published by Luther E. Sherman and Frank B. Hand. On June 12, 1909 and was continued by Bessemer Herald and the New Free Press.


The Gogebic Explorer began publishing on June 4, 1885 by Bessemer Publishing Co.


Gogebic Iron Spirit began publishing circa 1886 by the Spirit Publishing Co. It may continue a paper known as the Knights of Labor paper.


The Bessemer Herald and the New Free Press began publishing on June 19, 1909 by F.A. Siebensohn. Between 1914 and 1921 it changed titles back to The Bessemer Herald.


The Bessemer Herald began publishing between 1914 and 1921 by Herald Publishing Co. It was a semiweekly in 1921 before reverting back to weekly publication.


Bessemer Pick & Axe began publishing on May, 16, 1974 by Grafico. On Aug. 29, 1974 the title was shortened to Pick & Axe.



The Ironwood Times began publishing circa 1888 by Walter S. Goodland. By 1896, Bennett and Green were the publishers. It absorbed the Lake Superior Citizen.


Lake Superior Citizen began publishing circa 1890. By 1894 it was published by W.H. Doyle. It was absorbed by Ironwood Times.


Evening call began publishing circa 1890 by the Call Publishing Co.


The Gogebic Advocate began publishing circa 1890 by the Gogebic Publishing Co. From Oct. 1891 to Feb. 1892 it was called The Sunday Advocate. There was also a daily edition. The Daily Advocate.


The Inter-State News published a single issue on Mar. 7, 1890 by Peaslee & Douglas. It then merged with Gogebic Mining Record, to form Interstate News-Record.


Interstate News-Record began on Mar. 15, 1890 by Peaslee & Douglas. It was formed by the union of Inter-State News and Gogebic Mining Record and continued by Ironwood News-Record.

It was absorbed in 1921 by the Ironwood Daily Globe.


Kalevala began publishing on Sept. 13, 1894. Iy ceased circa 1896. It was in Finnish.


Ironwood Uutiset began publishing on Feb. 19, 1896 by Otto Wassinen. It was in Finnish.


Frihet began publishing circa 1898 with J.G.R. Baner as editor. It was in Swedish. It ceased circa Aug. 13, 1904 when it merged with Wisconsin Svenska Tribun, to form Svenska Amerikanska Tribunen published out of Superior, Wis.


Kansan Lehti began publishing on Feb. 10, 1903 by the Finnish Printing Co. It was in Finnish.


Auttaja began publishing in Jan. 1906. It was in Finnish. It was published by the Finnish-American Evangelical Lutheran National Church. It published as a weekly until 1965 when it changed to a monthly when it also moved to St. Louis, Missouri.


Ironwood Daily Globe began publishing on Nov. 20, 1919 by the Globe Publishing Co. On Apr. 16, 1921 it absorbed the Ironwood News-Record.



Wakefield Bulletin began publishing on May 19, 1887 by Goldberg and Walter S. Goodland.


­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­The Wakefield Advocate began publishing on Dec. 12, 1902. It ceased publishing on Oct. 4, 1924. It was continued by one issue on Oct. 11, 1924 titled Wakefield News Review and then Wakefield News and Wakefield Advocate.


Wakefield News and Wakefield Advocate began publishing on Oct. 18, 1924 by H.L. Trezise. It continued Wakefield News Review. After Feb. 26, 1927 the title was shortened to The Wakefield News.


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