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Genesee County

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Genesee history

Burton Township

The Burton Banner and the South Flint News began publishing circa 1945 by Gerald F. Collins. On Nov. 30, 1950 it merged with Grand Blanc Press, to form Grand Blanc Press and the Burton Banner.


Burton City Banner began publishing on Jan. 10, 1974 by a company of the same name. On April 10, 1975 its name shortened to Burton Banner. It ceased on Dec. 24, 1975



The Clio Messenger began publishing circa 1907. By 1932 it was published by Ralph C. Gillett.


The Flint-Genesee County Legal News began publishing circa Aug. 1928. It was the official newspaper of the Genesee County Circuit Court.


The Clio Chronicle began publishing circa 1938.



The Davison Index began publishing circa 1889. By 1932 George Purvis was the publisher.


The Davison Flagstaff began publishing circa 1982 by Flint Area Newspapers. It was semiweekly.


Fenton (Fentonville changed its name to Fenton in 1863.)

The Weekly Observer began publishing on Sept. 24, 1853 by H. & P. Joslin. In 1854 it changed titles to Fentonville Observer.


Fenton Gazette began publishing on Oct. 17, 1865 by W.H.H. Smith. It ceased circa 1882.


The Fenton Independent began publishing on May 26, 1868 by H.N. Jennings. It absorbed The Fenton Courier in Aug. 1946. In 1971 it dropped Fenton from the title and became a semiweekly publication in 1985.


Genesee County Courier began publishing on May 12, 1883 with Charles M. Topping as editor.


Tri-County News Advertiser began publishing circa 1956. It covered the counties of Genesee, Oakland, and Shiawassee. In 1974 it became Tri-County News. In the 1990s the publication frequency increased from weekly to daily.


Flint (formerly Flint River)

The Flint River Gazette began publishing Jan. 26, 1839 by J.K. Averill. It was Democratic and survived about six months. It was succeeded by Northern Advocate.


Northern Advocate began publishing on April 18, 1840 by W.A. Morrison. It survived about two years.


The Genesee Herald began publishing circa early 1843 by Perry Joslin and later J.D. Coleman.


Genesee County Democrat began publishing circa 1843 by William B. Sherwood.


The Flint Republican began publishing circa 1845 by Royal W. Jenny. It was Democratic. (It may have changed titles to Genesee Republican in 1846.) By 1853 it was replaced by Genesee Democrat.


The Western Citizen began publishing circa late 1848 by Oscar S. Carter.


The Genesee Whig began publishing on Feb. 23, 1850 by Francis H. Rankin. In 1856 the title was The Wolverine Citizen, and Genesee Whig before shortening to The Wolverine Citizen. It became Republican. It ceased circa 1915.


Genesee Democrat began publishing on Oct. 7, 1853 by R.W. Jenny. It went by Genesee Weekly Democrat for a few years before reverting back to the earlier title. By the 1870s C. Fellows was added to the publishing team.


Genesee Democrat and Daily City News began publishing circa March 1859 by R.W. Jenny and Peabody.


Wolverine Daily Citizen began publishing on Aug. 25, 1859 by F.H. Rankin.


The Flint Globe began publishing circa Aug. 1866 by Charles F. and Robert Smith, and H.S. Hilton. It was Republican. By 1873 A.L. Aldrich was the publisher.


The Sunday Democrat published circa 1875-1885. Its early editor was H.H. Gibson. It was an edition of The Genesee Democrat.


The Flint Journal began publishing circa 1876 by Galbraith & Co. It published every Friday morning and Saturday evening. By 1896 its title was The Flint Weekly Journal published by McConnelly & Co.


Saturday Evening Red Ribbon Journal began publishing on April 7, 1877 by Fellows and Beardsley. It was a temperance newspaper.


Our State Union began publishing in April 1880 by Mrs. F.C. Jeudevine. It was monthly. From the masthead: “Organ of the Women’s Christian Temperance Unions of Michigan-A Campaign Paper.”


Labor News Echo began publishing circa 1882 by Labor News Echo Publishing Co.


The Flint Evening Journal began publishing circa early 1883 by McConnelly & Co. In 1902 it merged with Flint Daily Globe to form Flint Evening Journal. The Flint Daily Globe.


The Daily News began publishing on Aug. 13, 1884 by Galbraith and Fralich. Two years later it became Flint Daily News. It was likely absorbed by The Flint Daily Journal circa 1905.


Michigan Tribune began publishing circa 1884 by J.C. Stowell.


Flint Tri-Weekly Globe published circa 1887.


The Temperance Mail began publishing circa early 1889 by Mr. and Mrs. S.E. Howard.


Flint Globe began publishing on Sept. 10, 1900 by James Slocum. It ceased on March 22, 1902. It was daily, issued in the evening.


The Flint Daily Globe began publishing on March 24, 1902 by the Globe Printing Co. It ceased on Sept. 6 of the same year. There was also a semiweekly edition. It merged with The Flint Evening Journal, to form The Flint Evening Journal. The Flint Daily Globe.


The Flint Evening Journal. The Flint Daily Globe published one issue on Sept. 8, 1902 by H.H. Fitzgerald. It was continued by The Daily Journal And Globe.


The Daily Journal and Globe began publishing on Sept. 9, 1902 by H.H. Fitzgerald. It ceased on Jan. 9, 1903 and was continued by The Daily Journal.


The Daily journal began publishing on Jan. 10, 1903 H.H. Fitzgerald. On May 20, 1903 it became The Flint Daily Journal. The Sunday issue was titled Flint Sunday Journal. It absorbed Flint Daily News circa 1905. It changed titles on May 27, 1935 to The Flint Journal. The Saturday edition was titled The Saturday A.M. Flint Journal.


The Flint Witness began publishing in 1911 by the Witness Publishing Co. Its frequency is unknown.


Flint Flashes began publishing circa 1911 as “The voice of the exploited workers.” Its frequency is unknown.


The Arrow began publishing circa 1912 by Arrow Publishing Co.


Flint Evening Press was publishing by Mar. 1913 by Flint Press Publishing Co. It ceased on April 5, 1913.


Wiadomosa z Flint, Mich. = Flint News was publishing by 1917. It was in Polish with an unknown publishing frequency.


Flint Saturday Night began publishing on Aug. 30, 1919 by Flint Saturday Night Publishing Co. It ceased on Nov. 5, 1921.


Flint Evening Tribune began publishing on Nov. 29, 1921 by a company of the same name. It was formed by the merger of Flint Saturday Night and Wolverine News. It ceased on April 22, 1922.


Flint Daily Herald began publishing circa 1923 by Flint Daily Herald Co.


Flint Saturday Night began publishing on May 5, 1928 by Flint Saturday Night Publishing Co. It ceased on May 16, 1931


The Murray Hill Beacon began publishing circa 1928 by the Retailers’ Publishing Company. In November 1929 it merged with West Flint Telegram to form Beacon-Telegram which was shortened to Beacon one month later.


Beacon-Telegram began publishing on Nov. 22, 1929 by the Retailers’ Publishing Co. One month later its title was shortened to Beacon. This paper appears to have been reworked circa 1931 as Flint Independent and in 1933 as Independent Advertiser.


Flint News-Advertiser began publishing on Dec. 22, 1933. It ceased on March 8, 1957.


The Flint Bee began publishing circa 1937.


The Beecher News began publishing circa 1938. From the masthead: “Published in the interest of the Beecher district.”


The Murray Hill Beacon began publishing circa 1939. By 1942, A.J. Barber was the editor. In 1945 it was absorbed by Flint Community News.


Brownsville Weekly News began publishing circa 1938 by Magnus Clark. It was an African-American paper. It was continued by Flint Brownsville News.


Flint Brownsville News published Nov. 18, 1939 by Henry G. Reynolds. It was an African-American paper. On Feb 14, 1942 it became Flint Brownies News.


The Flint Beacon and Community News Shopper (weekly) published circa 1940 by the Flint advertising and Publishing Agency. It ceased May 15, 1947 and was continued by The Flint Beacon.


The Flint Progressive began publishing circa 1940 by Progress Publishing Co. It was a labor oriented paper with an unknown publishing frequency.


The Flint Community News began publishing on March 20, 1945 by Flint Advertising and Publishing Agency. It absorbed The Murray Hill Beacon.


The Flint Spokesman began publishing on March 23, 1946 with Frank L. Gillespie as editor. It was an African-American paper.


The Flint Beacon began publishing on May 22, 1947 by Harold H. Lewis.


The Bronze Reporter began publishing on Nov. 21, 1953 with John W. Caldwell as editor. It was an African-American paper.


The North Star began publishing circa Feb. 1955. It was an African-American paper.


The Mirror begins publishing circa early 1964. It is an African-American semiweekly. After three issues the title lengthens to The Flint Mirror edited by Edward Jones.


The Flint Spokesman began publishing on Jan. 16, 1971 by Terry & Associates. It was an African-American paper.


The Times Review began publishing on May 6, 1971 by Tracy Newspapers. On May 25, 1972 it became Burton Times Review by Fait Publishing Co


The Suburban News began publishing on Feb. 7, 1973 with Gary L. Fait as editor.


The Flint Times (weekly) began publishing on March 29, 1973 by Duhon-Culp Enterprises.


The Michigan Gazette began publishing on Oct. 6, 1976 with Norris Toney as editor. It is aimed at an ethnic minority audience.


The Flint Voice began publishing on Dec. 10, 1977. It advertised itself as “Genesee County’s independent alternative newspaper.” Filmaker and author Michael Moore was the publisher for several years. In 1983 it changed titles to Michigan Voice with an effort to cover the state as a monthly. This cease in 1986 and in late 1987 the Flint Voice resumed publication.


The Uncommon Sense began publishing circa 2002. It was a monthly. It describes itself as “Flint’s independent, alternative monthly newspaper.”



The Observer began publishing on June 15, 1882 by A.E. Ransom. In June 1883, the title was lengthened to The Flushing Observer. In 1985 it increased publication frequency to semiweekly.


Grand Blanc

The Grand Blanc Press began publishing circa 1928. By 1941 it was published by Ralph C. Gillett. It ceased on November 30, 1950 when merged with Burton Banner And The South Flint News, to form Grand Blanc Press And The Burton Banner.


The Grand Blanc Press And The Burton Banner began publishing on Dec. 7, 1950 by Gerald E. Collins. It was formed by the union of Burton Banner and The South Flint News, and Grand Blanc Press.


Grand Blanc News began publishing circa 1956. From 1972 to 1979 it had the title Gbn Evening News before reverting back to the earlier title.



The Linden Leader began publishing circa 1896 By 1932 it was published by J.E. McMullen. It ceased on Dec. 27, 1979.



The Record began publishing in Montrose circa 1896 by Haight Brothers. It became Montrose Record circa late 1898


Montrose Mirror began publishing circa 1939 by Lee N. Fuller. It ceased on Dec. 4, 1941.


Mount Morris

Mount Morris Enterprise began publishing circa 1886. By 1904 it was published by A.L. Adams. Its publication frequency is unknown.


The Mt. Morris Times began publishing August 30, 1928 by Ralph C. Gillett. It ceased circa 1940. (It may continue Community Echoes.)


Genesee County Herald began publishing on Feb. 22, 1933 by Don R. Maginn. On Mar. 31, 1999 it changed titles to Mt. Morris-Clio Herald.



The Otisville Observer began publishing circa late 1878 by Rev. A.G. Blood. It was monthly


The Weekly Telegram began publishing circa 1880 by Thomas W. Smithson.


The Otisville Bee began publishing circa 1896 by S. Fuller.


Swartz Creek

Swartz Creek News began publishing circa 1938. In May, 1980 the title lengthens to Flint Township/Swartz Creek News published by Flint Area Newspapers. In 1982 the title changes again to The West Valley News and in 1985 begins publishing on a semiweekly basis.


Genesee County Free Press began publishing Creek circa 1949 by Adams Printing.


Montrose Times New Lothrop News was publishing by June, 1928 by Adams Printing Co. It was formed by the merger of Montrose Times and New Lothrop News.

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