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Emmet County

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Emmet history


The Alanson Inter-Lake published for a short time in the late 1890s.


Harbor Springs

Little Traverse Republican began publishing in Little Traverse (former name of Harbor Springs) circa June 1876 by Warren Bowen. It is likely this paper’s name was changed to Harbor Springs Republican which was published by Lorenzo A. Clark.


Emmet County Independent began publishing circa 1878 by Charles S. Hampton. On June 6, 1882 the title was changed to The Northern Independent and the publication moved to Petoskey in 1887. That year it also merged the Democrat to form The Independent-Democrat. By 1906 the title was changed again to The Petoskey Independent published by C.E. Churchill.


The Daily Resorter began publishing on July 16, 1883 by Charles S. Hampton. It published daily, except Sunday, during the summer months. By 1887 it had moved to Petoskey. In 1902 it began publishing year-round and the title was changed to Petoskey Evening News and Daily Resorter.


The Artesian Well began publishing on Feb. 11, 1892 by Robert Wright and Crowe.


The Northern Tourist began publishing on July 11, 1893. It published daily, except Sunday, and was likely a summertime paper.


Harbor Springs Graphic began publishing circa 1895. By 1930 title was The Emmet County Graphic and the publisher was Elmer J. Hanna. In the 1950s it was purchased by Petoskey News-Review.


The Standard began publishing circa Oct. 1896 by Joseph C. Wright.


The Owl began publishing circa July, 1898 by Babcock and Darling.


The Emmet County Appeal began publishing circa 1908 Joseph Womock. It was a socialist paper.


Harbor Light began publishing circa 1962 by Wesley Maurer. In 1970 it was published by Kevin O’Neill.



Levering Enterprise began publishing in 1911 by Merl Howard.


Levering Local began publishing on Sept. 9, 1915 by Gloster.



The Pellston Journal began publishing circa 1903 with L.A. Grayson as editor.



The Petoskey City Weekly Times began publishing on Aug. 8, 1874 by Dr. William Little. Only one issue was ever published of this four by six inch paper.


The Emmet County Democrat began publishing on April 30, 1875 by Rozelle Rose. It later merged with Emmet County Independent to form The Independent-Democrat.


Petoskey City Record began publishing on June 20, 1878 by George A. Mosher and James Buckley. In 1883 the title shortened to Petoskey Record with J.C. Bontecou as editor. It ceased publishing on August 21, 1913.


Petoskey Herald began publishing circa 1892 by Robert Wright and cease the following year.


The Petoskey Evening News and Daily Resorter began publishing on Oct. 1, 1902 by Churchill and Goldsmith. For a few months in 1906 the title was reversed to Daily Resorter and Petoskey Evening News. In 1915 the title was shortened to The Petoskey Evening News.


The Petoskey Evening News began publishing on Sept. 13, 1915 by C.E. Churchill. On Nov. 11, 1953 it merged with Northern Michigan Review to form Petoskey Evening News and Northern Michigan Review. One year later the name was shortened to Petoskey News-Review.


Northern Michigan’s Shopping Guide began publishing on May 16, 1934. In June, 1936 the title changed to Northern Michigan Review. It published till November, 1953 when it merged with The Petoskey Evening News.


Petoskey News-Review began publishing on Nov. 11, 1954. It absorbed The Emmet County Graphic. From 1964 to 1974 it was published with Northern Michigan Graphic Resorter.

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