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Delta County

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Delta history


The Escanaba Tribune began publishing on Dec. 9, 1868 by Edward P. Lott. It was later published by Charles D. Jewell. In September 1877 the title changed to Iron Port.


The Iron Port began publishing on Oct. 6, 1877 by James F. Atkinson and later by John Clark Van Duzen. In May 1891 its title changed to Semi-Weekly Iron Port and Calumet. This increased publishing frequency lasted till March 1892 when the paper reverted back to weekly and the title became Weekly Iron Port and later The Iron Port.


Escanaba Mirror began publishing circa 1885. By 1889 it was published by Phil J. McKenna. By 1899 its title and frequency changed to Escanaba Daily Mirror published by Collins & English. In 1924 it was absorbed by Escanaba Daily Press.


The Delta began publishing on April 30, 1886 by Charles E. Mason and Harry L. Bushnell. (Bushnell had learned the trade working as a boy at the Escanaba Tribune.) In June 1887 the paper moved to Gladstone.


Medborgaren began publishing circa 1891. By 1895 this Swedish language paper was published by Carlson and Oluf B. Olsen. In 1920 it changed from weekly to monthly publication.


The Escanaba Journal began publishing circa 1891. By 1910 it was published by F.L. Baldwin.


Escanaba Morning Press began publishing in March, 1909 by Little & Norton. In April 1922, the title was changed to Escanaba Daily Press. In 1978 the title was shortened to The Daily Press published by the Panax Corp. The Sunday edition is called Upper Peninsula Sunday Times which is published with Mining Journal in Marquette and Daily News in Iron Mountain.



The Gladstone Delta was publishing by May 1901 edited by C.E. Mason. It continued The Delta of Escanaba. In early 1918 it merged with Delta County Reporter to form The Delta County Reporter and the Gladstone Delta.


The Delta County Reporter began publishing circa 1902 by William R. Jaeger and Iden G. Champion. It was a semiweekly. In 1918 it merged with The Gladstone Delta to form The Delta County Reporter and the Gladstone Delta.


The Delta County Reporter and the Gladstone Delta began publishing on Jan. 24, 1918 by William R. Jaeger. In 1922 the title was shortened to The Delta Reporter published by John P. Norton


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