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Cheboygan County

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Cheboygan history


The Manitawauba Chronicle began publishing on January 28, 1871 by William P. Maiden. This biweekly was published in Cheboygan. It ceased on June 3, 1871.


Cheboygan Weekly Times began publishing on January 18, 1872 by D.R. Joslin.


Cheboygan Weekly Independent began publishing on December 5, 1872 by George Robinson. This title ceased on November 19, 1875 and was succeeded by the Cheboygan Free Press.


Northern Tribune began publishing on July 17, 1875 by William Chandler. It was Republican. It later had the title Cheboygan Tribune. By 1885, C.S. Ramsay was the publisher. A daily edition, Cheboygan Daily Tribune began publishing circa 1911.


Cheboygan Free Press began publishing on January 6, 1876 by Bentley and Brown. It was Democratic. It ceased on April 4, 1878.


The Cheboygan Democrat began publishing on February 26, 1880 by Forsyth & Bunnell. It ceased on December 15, 1927 when the title changed to Cheboygan Observer.


The Cheboygan News began publishing circa 1885. By 1900 it was published by G.L. Smyth.


Cheboygan Observer began publishing on December 22, 1927 by Al. H. Weber succeeding the Cheboygan Democrat.


Indian River

Straitsland Resorter began publishing circa 1954. By 1961 it was published by Patricia Rogers King. It was a monthly for a while, and changed to weekly in 1962.


Mackinaw : a journal for Northern Michigan began publishing circa 1980 by Northern Marketing & Publishing, Inc. This, and its later title, The Mackinaw journal : a newspaper for the straits area.. were biweekly publications.


Mackinaw City

Mackinac Herald began publishing in “Mackinac” circa 1858 by James L. Gantt.


The Straits Journal began publishing on June 19, 1884 by George A. Mosher.


The Mackinaw Witness began publishing circa 1891 by Rev. James Thompson. In June of 1892 it changed from a monthly to a weekly.


The Mackinaw Tribune began publishing circa 1900 by S.G. Hosack. It was issued within the Cheboygan Tribune.


Mackinaw Marquee began publishing circa 1981 by Mackinaw Graphics. It published weekly, or some years monthly, during the summer months.



The Tower Press began publishing on August 11, 1905 by James F. Spencer. It ceased on December 21, 1906.


Cheboygan County Era began publishing in October, 1907 by H. Whiteley & Son.


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