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Charlevoix County

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Charlevoix history

Beaver Island

The Northern Islander began publishing on Dec. 12, 1850 by James Jesse Strang who led a Mormon related religious group on the island. There was also a daily edition which began on April 1, 1856. Both editions ceased in June of 1856 upon Strang’s death.



The Ensign began publishing on March 1892 by George Warren Wood. It was a monthly.


Boyne City

The Boyne City Enterprise began publishing on Sept. 10, 1880 by Budd & Garrison. In 1882 this title moved to East Jordan.


The Boyne City Standard began publishing circa March 1881 by William Mears. In 1883 it changed names to The Statesman.


The Statesman began publishing on March 9, 1883 by P.A. Radour. By 1886 it had changed to The Boyne Citizen.


The Boyne Citizen was publishing by 1886 by Miley & Chapin. It absorbed the Evening Journal in 1914. At times its pages also included: Weekly Beacon from the local high school (1911), Boyne Mountain News (1960), Walloon Lake News (1960). It ceased publishing circa 1968.


The Evening Journal began publishing circa 1909 by Boyne City Publishing Co. It was absorbed by The Boyne Citizen.


The Boyne City Times began publishing circa the fall of 1911, edited by Will H. Griffin. It ceased circa 1914.


Charlevoix County Press began publishing circa 1968.


Boyne Falls

The Boyne Falls News began publishing circa 1889. By 1892 was published by H.H. Eaton.



Charlevoix Sentinel began publishing on April 24, 1869 by Willard Albon Smith. It was Republican. Smith had been a compositor at Grand Traverse Eagle and DeWitt C. Leach, publisher of the Grand Travers Herald selected Smith to produce Charlevoix County’s first paper.


The Charlevoix Journal began publishing on July 19, 1883 by Charles J. Strang. Strang was the son of James Jess Strang. It ceased on March 27, 1890.


Charlevoix Courier began publishing circa 1883. By 1908 it was published by DuBois & Usher.


East Jordan

The Enterprise began publishing circa 1882 by E.N. Clink. By 1894 C. L. Lorraine was the publisher. It later became East Jordan Enterprise and was absorbed by Charlevoix County Herald in 1920.


Charlevoix County Herald began publishing circa 1896 by A.J. Suffern. In January of 1920 it absorbed East Jordan Enterprise. In 1953 it merged with East Jordan News & The Northern Michigan Telegram to form East Jordan News-Herald.


The East Jordan News began publishing on Oct. 2, 1952 by Marshall F. Sayles. In early 1953 it became East Jordan News & The Northern Michigan Telegram. It kept this title till July when it merged with Charlevoix County Herald.


East Jordan News-Herald began publishing on July 30, 1953 by Marshall F. Sayles. It was formed by the merger of Charlevoix County Herald and East Jordan News & The Northern Michigan Telegram.


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