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Calhoun County

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Calhoun History


The Albion Press began publishing on Dec. 28, 1849 by James Hugh Perry.


The Albion Weekly Mirror began publishing on October 11, 1855 by Lawrence W. Cole. It was initially independent and then became a supporter of the Democratic party. From 1897-1907 it published as Twice-a-Week Mirror. The paper was run by the Cole family for more than half a century. It later became Albion Mirror-Gazette.


Albion Weekly Review began publishing circa 1859 by J. Drury & Brother.


The Albion Weekly Herald began publishing in 1861 with D.M. Phillips as editor. It was sometimes called Albion Union Herald. It was destroyed by fire in 1867.


The Albion Recorder began publishing on May 28, 1868 by B.B. Bissel and Burgess, with Wm. C. Harrison as editor. It was Republican. It began a daily edition in January 1882 with H.E. Cemberling publishing. The weekly edition ceased in 1918.


The Albion Republican began publishing on Oct. 31, 1879 by B.B. Bissell. In 1886 the Albion Record and Republican combined, keeping the name Albion Recorder.


Household Treasury began publishing around 1889 by H.J. Richardson & Co. It was a monthly.


Evening Echo began publishing circa 1894. It was a daily


The Albion Transcript began publishing circa 1895.


The Albion Leader began publishing circa mid-1898 by W.H. Green. By 1908, Wm. B. Gildart was the publisher.


Albion Daily News began publishing circa 1900. By late 1901 W.H. Green & Co. was the publishing firm. The Albion Leader and Albion Daily News likely merged between 1901 and 1905. The Albion News-Leader is being published in 1905 by C.D. Potter.


Albion Mirror-Gazette began publishing in the summer of 1909 by the Mirror Printing Co. This title ceased on Jan. 22, 1910.


Journal of Albion began publishing on Nov. 3, 1956 by Tri-County Publishing Co. It described itself as “Calhoun County's weekly feature-picture newspaper.”



Athens News began publishing circa 1880 by the McDowell brothers of Mendon. It survived a short life.


Athens Times began publishing on March 31, 1883 by L.H. Love. He ran the paper for five years and then sold it. He repurchased it in 1897 and sold it due to failing health in 1908.


Athens Bee began publishing circa 1896 by Jerome F. Culp. The paper lived seven or eight years.


Battle Creek

Western Citizen and Battle Creek Champion began publishing circa July 1845 by Leonard Stillson. It was Democratic. It survived till August, 1846.


The Michigan Tribune began publishing on Aug. 8, 1846 by E. Dougherty and Walter Waters Woolnough. It was a Whig paper. It ceased after two years.


The Michigan Liberty Press began publishing on April 13, 1848 by E. Dougherty and W. W. Woolnough with the State Anti-Slavery Society. This paper continued the work of the previous Signal of Liberty published in Ann Arbor. It was destroyed by fire in 1849.


The Battle Creek Journal began publishing circa 1851 by Gannt & Burton. They shortly sold the paper to W. W. Woolnough. It initially supported the Whig Party, until the arrival of the Republican Party. By 1872 George Willard & Co. was the publishing firm and the paper began a daily edition.


The Jeffersonian began publishing circa 1857 by William S. Pease. After being appoint postmaster he sold the paper and it ceased shortly thereafter.


The Constitutional Union began publishing circa 1868 by Pease and Lewis. It lasted about two years.


The Michigan Tribune began publishing circa 1870 by Pease & Reed. In 1871 it was taken over by Walter W. Woolnough and Bordine. With the June 24, 1882 issue its name changed to Battle Creek Tribune and Buckley & Onderdonk were the publishers.


Daily News began publishing circa 1877 by Charles Emmet Barnes. It ceased the same year.


The Nightly Moon began publishing on Mar. 25, 1879 by Martin E. Brown and Dennis E. Alward. In 1884 it changed names to the Battle Creek Daily Moon with Martin E. Brown as publisher. In 1915 this title merged with Battle Creek Daily Journal to form Battle Creek Moon-Journal.


The Commoner began publishing circa April, 1881 by Robinson, Hull & Co. It supported the Greenback cause and survived only a few months.


The Citizen began publishing on Feb. 25, 1882 by Mr. Hull, who had published The Commoner. It published till 1884.


Sunday Morning Call began publishing on Aug. 3, 1884 by the team of Charles E. Barnes and Eugene Glass. Other editions published in its history include: Daily Call and Weekly Call. The paper survived about four years.


Michigan Patriot began publishing circa 1891 by Barnes. It survived one year before the equipment was sold and moved to Calumet.


Battle Creek News began publishing on Aug. 17, 1894 by D.J. Westfall. It published for a few months.


The Sunday Record began publishing on Feb. 6, 1898 by Alfred B. Tozer. It was sold to the Battle Creek Journal Co. in 1908 when its title is changed to Sunday Journal=Record and then in that same year to Battle Creek Sunday Journal and Sunday Record. In 1911 it was absorbed into Battle Creek Daily Journal.


The Daily News began publishing circa Dec. 1898 by D.Z. Curtis. It ceased circa Feb. 1899.


Good Government began publishing on March 1, 1900 by Charles R. Mains and lasted only a brief while.


The Morning Enquirer began publishing on July 21, 1900 by Joseph L. Cox. In 1918 it merged with Evening News to form The Battle Creek Enquirer, and the Evening News. The name was initially shortened to Battle Creek Enquirer and News and finally to Battle Creek Enquirer.


The Social Democrat began publishing on October 18, 1900 with Ed H. Ellis as editor. It ceased soon thereafter.


Battle Creek Moon-Journal began publishing on June 7, 1915 by Moon-Journal Publishing Co. The paper was absorbed by The Battle Creek Enquirer, and the Evening News in 1940.


The Square Deal began publishing circa 1927.


The Battle Creek Catholic Citizen began publishing circa 1931. By 1948, Joseph Noveur, Jack O’Grady were the publishers.


Battle Creek Record & Lakeview News began publishing circa 1948 continuing Lakeview News-Advertiser.


Cannoneer began publishing circa 1949. It was a military themed paper which published out of Battle Creek, serving Fort Custer.



Burlington Echo began publishing circa 1880. By 1899, A.G. Randall was the publisher.



The Homer Index began publishing on Jan. 10, 1872 by J.H. Wickmire & Co.



Calhoun County Patriot began publishing on Dec. 1836 by Henry C. Bunce (or Bruce). It was Democratic in politics. On January 1, 1841 its name changed to Democratic Expounder and Calhoun County Patriot. Over the next 40 years the bounced between this longer title and the shorter Democratic Expounder. By 1868 Chastain Mann is the publisher. J.M. Moses was the publisher in the 1890s when the title was Marshall Expounder.


The Western Statesman began publishing on Sept. 12, 1839 by Seth Lewis. In 1843 the title was changed to The Marshall Statesman and the team of Lewis & Simonds were the publishers. During its history it published both weekly and daily editions. In 1914 it merged with the Marshall Daily News to form Marshall News-Statesman.


Michigan Temperance Advocate began publishing circa 1840 by the Executive Committee of the Michigan Temperance Society.


The People’s Literary Journal began publishing circa 1871 by M.V. Wagner & Co. It was a monthly. Its title changed to The Literary Journal and Family Friend.


The Daily Chronicle began publishing on Aug. 13, 1879 by Boughton & Denison. In 1918 it changed titles to Marshall Evening Chronicle with J.M. Moses & Son as publisher. It absorbed The Marshall News-Statesman in 1919. In 1985 The Marshall Chronicle was published by John B. Bedient.


The Daily News began publishing on Oct. 30, 1899 by the Expounder Publishing Co. It also published the weekly Marshall News. In 1914 it merged with the Evening Statesman to form Marshall News-Statesman.



The Reporter was published out of Tekonsha.


Tekonsha News began publishing on Dec. 7, 1878 by James Gribbins. Subsequent owners of the paper include: A.G. Randall and T.F. Robinson, J.A. Harsh and B.F. and Lillian C. McMillen.


The Tekonsha Patriot likely began publishing circa 1893. By 1936 Meredith G. Clark was the publisher.


Tekonsha Tribune began publishing circa 1956 by Tribune Publishing Co. After June 4, 1959 it changed names to Southern Michigan Farmer.


The Tekonsha IDEA began publishing on Mar. 9, 1967 by Tekonsha IDEA Committee.



Battle Creek was home to the Seventh-Day Adventist Publishing Company which produced several religious periodicals including the weekly Review and Herald.


Calhoun County has also been home to the military bases. Camp Custer produced a variety of publications.

Trench and Camp which published from Oct. 8, 1917 to November, 1918. From the paper: “Published under auspices of National War Work Council, Y.M.C.A. of the United States.”

Custer Life succeeded Trench and Camp beginning on Nov. 21, 1918. Captain R.E. Tage was in charge of this publication.

Kellogg Field News published by “the men of the Army Air Base, Kellogg Field, Battle Creek”. It likely began in 1942.


Battle Creek was also home to the Duplex Printing Press Company founded by Irving Stone in 1884. The company made newspaper presses for large run newspapers. Their press was a high speed stationary flat-bed newspaper press. In the 1940s they made anti-tank gun carriages.

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