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Branch County

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Branch history


Michigan Star began publishing circa July 1, 1837 edited by Charles P. West. It was Democratic and survived only a few months.



Branch County Democrat began publishing circa 1838 by Jocelyn & Horton with the equipment from the former News. The paper lasted a short while.


The Bronson Herald began publishing circa fall of 1865 by Titus Babcock and Co. and ceased in the fall of 1871.


Bronson Journal began publishing circa 1881 by Daniel D. Waggott. In 1886 it merged with the Bronson Independent.


Bronson Independent began publishing on May 16, 1884 by Wieand & Ruggles. In 1886 it merged with Bronson Journal to form Independent=Journal. This name lasted about eight months before reverting back to Bronson Journal.


Independent=Journal began publishing on Sept. 24, 1886 by C.W. Owen.


Branch County Democrat began publishing on August 9, 1888 by N.B. Ruggles. In 1890 it was absorbed by Bronson Journal.



Coldwater Observer began publishing on July 18, 1837 by Thomas N. Calkins and E.G. Fuller. In 1838 the paper was taken over by Dr. Bement, name was changed to Branch County News and the publication ceased a short while later.


Coldwater Sentinel began publishing on April 16, 1841 by Albert Chandler. In 1849 Elihu B. Pond became editor and proprietor of the paper. After several changes in ownership, the equipment was sold and moved to Port Huron, to print the Port Huron Press.


True Sentinel was publishing by Oct. 1848.


Branch County Journal began publishing on November 11, 1851 by B.F. Thompson. It was Whig in politics until the formation of the Republican party. The printing plant moved out of the state around 1856.


True Journal was publishing by Oct. 24, 1856. This title, as well as True Sentinel, are likely pre-election campaign papers.


Branch County Republican began publishing circa 1857 by Eddy & Gray. In 1861 it became The Branch County Gazette with Francis B. Way as publisher. In 1868 in merged with The Republican.


The Democratic Union began publishing by 1859 by J.L. Hackenstaff. It ceased in 1861 when the proprietor went to war.


Southern Michigan News began publishing circa 1863 and lasted a short while.


Coldwater Union Sentinel began publishing on April 22, 1864 by F.V. Smith & W.G. Moore. It was Democratic. It became Coldwater Sentinel in 1866. It ceased in 1870, after a fire.


The Republican began publishing on August 23, 1866 by Major D.J. Easton. It absorbed the Branch County Gazette in 1868. It became semiweekly (the first in the county) in 1875. In 1897 the Coldwater Republican merged with The Weekly Courier to form Courier and Republican.


Independent began publishing on October 5, 1867 by A.H. Pattee. It suspended in 1868.


The Commercial Bulletin began publishing circa 1868 by J.S. Conover. This monthly was published out of Coldwater.


The Coldwater Reporter began publishing on May 12, 1872 by J.S. Conover. It was later taken over by M.L. Knowles and S. H. Egabroad.


The Grange Visitor began publishing circa 1875 as a semimonthly agricultural paper. It was published in Schoolcraft, Kalamazoo County until 1885, when it moved to Coldwater.


Coldwater Weekly Press began publishing circa 1877 by B.L. Kingston and J.L. Dennis. It published a daily issue from January to March of 1878.


Coldwater Sentinel began publishing circa 1881. By early 1882 A.C. Culver was the publisher.


The Coldwater Sun began publishing circa 1881 by C.J. Thorpe & Co.


The Courier began publishing on Nov. 4, 1882 by W.G. Moore & P.P. Nichols. It became Weekly Courier and merged with Coldwater Republican in 1897 to become Courier and Republican.


Townsend’s Sunday Life began publishing circa 1887 by Frederic M. Townsend. According to the paper it was “Devoted to Local News and Gossip, Comment, Society, Humor, and Recreative Literature.”


The Coldwater Star began publishing circa 1892 by the Star Publishing Company. In 1905 the Star and Sun were both owned by J.S. Evans with the Star coming out on Mondays, and the Sun on Thursdays.


Coldwater Daily Reporter began publishing on Dec. 16, 1895 by S.B. Kitchel. There were also weekly and semiweekly editions.


Courier and Republican began publishing on March 26, 1897 by Newell & Turner. From 1899-1902 the paper said it was “Issued in two parts-12 pages every week; 4 pages on Tuesday and 8 pages on Friday.” It changed to Daily Courier in July, 1902 with Charles Newell as publisher. By 1912 the publishers are J.W. & H.F. Gardner.



The Quincy Times began publishing on Sept. 12, 1868 by R.W. Lockhart. It was Republican. It published until Aug. 25, 1880 when it changed names to Branch Co. Democrat.


The Literary Reporter began publishing circa Jan., 1873 by C.W. Bennett. It was a literary journal.


The Quincy Herald began publishing circa 1878 by C.V.R. Pond & Son. It published till 1967.


Branch Co. Democrat began publishing on Sept. 1, 1880 by A.C. Culver in Quincy. It was formerly The Quincy Times.


Quincy News began publishing circa 1889 by C.H. Young.


The Quincy News began publishing on Mar. 15, 1899 by the News Publishing Company.



Sherwood News began publishing circa 1884 by A.C. Culver and lasted for two years.


Sherwood Press began publishing circa 1886 by Randall & Robinson. It lasted until 1895.


Sherwood Register began publishing circa 1896 by E.S. Easton.


Union City

The Union City Register began publishing circa Aug. 1869 by Jerome K. Bowen & Major D.J. Easton. It was Republican. In 1901 it merged with Robinson’s Weekly to form Union City Register-Weekly.


Local began publishing circa Aug. 1885 by Randall & Robinson.


Robinson’s Weekly began publishing on May 1, 1896 by Tom F. Robinson. In 1901 it merged with Union City Register.



Greenbacker published from May to November 1878 by L.E. Jacobs. The equipment was the sold to C.V.R. Pond.



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