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Berrien County

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Berrien history

Benton Harbor

Benton Harbor Palladium began publishing on Oct. 9, 1868 by L.J. Merchant. In 1881 it merged with the Benton Harbor Times to form Benton Harbor Times and Palladium. The Times and Palladium began on Oct. 21, 1881 and was published by W.H. Marston. On July 6, 1883 the title was shortened to Palladium. During the 1890s, there were daily, semi-weekly, and weekly editions.


The Benton Harbor Times began publishing on July 15, 1875 by Thomas B. and William Hurley. A year later, A.H. Potter was the publisher. In June, 1881 it merged with Benton Harbor Palladium to become Benton Harbor Times and Palladium. In 1883, with Rose & Wiley as the publishers, the title was shortened to Palladium.


Lake Shore Daily News began publishing on May 2, 1876 by William Dudley and Charles E. Reeves.


The Daily Palladium began publishing on May 1, 1886 by F.R. Gilson and Hobbs. There were also weekly and semi-weekly editions. It ceased in 1904 when it merged with Evening News to form News-Palladium.


Banner-Register began publishing circa 1888 by J.N. Reed.


Evening News began publishing circa late 1895 by J.N. Klock and R.C. Eisley. In 1904 it merged with the Daily Palladium to form News-Palladium.


Times began publishing circa 1895 by Times Publishing Co. It was Democratic.


Herald-Palladium began publishing on Feb. 3, 1975 by W.J. Banyon. It was formed by the merger of St. Joseph Herald=Press and News-Palladium.


Berrien Springs

Gold and Silver began publishing on Nov. 1873 by Fred. McOmber. It was a monthly. It lasted six months


The Berrien County Journal began publishing on May 9, 1874. It was published by Dr. L.E. Barnard and Fred. McOmber. The paper was the official paper of the Democratic party. It was taken over by George H. Murdoch from 1876-1884. In 1932 it merged with Berrien Springs Era to form Journal-era.


The Berrien Springs Era began publishing on January 5, 1876 by Fred McOmber. It was Republican. Its last issue was Sept. 24, 1931, after which it merged with Berrien County Journal to form The Journal-Era.


The Journal-Era began publishing on Oct. 1, 1931 by the Journal-Era Publishing Co



The Buchanan Independent began publishing in 1859 by Alonzo Bennett. It was succeeded by The Buchanan Vindicator which was succeeded by Weekly Union.


Weekly Union began publishing circa 1863 by Lloyd and Turner. It was succeeded by The Berrien County Record.


Voice of the West began publishing circa 1864 by the Western Advent Christian Publishing Assoc. In 1870 its name was changed to Advent Christian Times and moved to Chicago in 1871.


The Berrien County Record began publishing circa 1867 by D.A. Wagner. On February 7, 1884, it changed names to Buchanan Record with John G. Holmes as publisher. In 1909 the Buchanan Record merged with Buchanan Argus and Galien Advocate to form Berrien County Record.


Buchanan National began publishing on May, 1878 by M.R. Scullin. It supported of the Greenback party. It ceased in February, 1879.


Buchanan Reporter began publishing circa 1879 by Dr. F.H. Berrick who purchased the materials of the National.


Buchanan Argus began publishing in 1899 by Woolworth & Cox. In 1909 it merged with two other titles to become Berrien County Record.


The Buchanan News began publishing circa 1907.


The Berrien County Record began publishing circa 1909 by Record Printing Co.


Buchanan Times began publishing circa 1954 by Vilma Andras Roumell.



The Coloma Courier began publishing circa mid-1886 by Robert F. Buell.


The Coloma Courier began publishing circa 1892 by Frank W. Bryant. It is unclear whether this title is related to the earlier newspaper of the same name. It was absorbed by Watervliet Record in 1969.



Galien News began publishing circa 1881.


New Buffalo

The Vindicator began publishing circa 1857 by J.M. Patton. It lasted about a year.


The New Buffalo Independent began publishing on September 1, 1875 by J.R. and A.H. Hill. By 1878 it changed to Michigan Independent published in Three Oaks. By 1885 it was Michigan Independent and Reporter published out of Buchanan.


The Harbor began publishing circa 1881.


New Buffalo Times began publishing circa 1942. By 1950 Vilma Andras Roumell was the publisher.


Harbor Country News began publishing on Apr. 4, 1984 by the News-Dispatch Co. It covers much of the western part of the county.



Niles Gazette and Advertiser began publishing on Sept. 5, 1835 by Henry Barn(e)s. (Although this paper lists his last name spelled with an ‘e’, most subsequent spellings lack this letter.) A year later the title was changed to Niles Gazette and was published by Britt & Chipman. The paper ceased in 1838.It was eventually purchased by Horn & Hern and absorbed into their publication, The Niles Democrat.


Niles Intelligencer began publishing on Feb. 21, 1838 by Henry Barns. He quickly sold it to Chancey C. Britt, John A. Brown. It survived till Mar. 10, 1841 when it was absorbed by Niles Republican.


Niles Republican began publishing on Oct., 1839 by H.B. Miller. The paper began in support of the Whig party but eventually moved to the Democratic party. Subsequent publishers included: D.B. Cook and A.J. Shakespear(e) (spelling uncertain). In 1841, it absorbed the Niles Intelligencer. In 1868 it changed names to Niles Democrat.


Niles Courier began publishing circa Jan. 1945 by Thomas W. Freeland. Later that year it was published by Stuart & Abeel. Its name changed to Niles Express.


Niles Express began publishing circa mid 1847 by E.A. Graves. It ceased circa1850.


A second Niles Intelligencer began publishing circa early 1847 by W. D. Abeel.


The Niles Enquirer began publishing circa January, 1855 by Monroe G. Carlton. It later changed to Inquirer. George M. Dewey was the paper’s publisher a few years later. The paper ceased in 1866 when it merged with Berrien County Freemen to form Niles Weekly Time.


Berrien County Freeman began publishing circa 1856by John M. Farquhar. It was Republican. By 1860, Thomas H. Glenn & Co. was the publisher. In 1866 it merged with The Niles Enquirer to from Niles Weekly Times.


Niles Weekly Times began publishing on March 1, 1866 by L. A. Duncan and Eugene C. Dana who purchased and merged The Niles Enquirer and The Berrien County Freemen. On Mar. 5, 1868 the paper’s name was changed to The Niles Republican. The Republican ceased in 1915.


The Niles Democrat began publishing circa 1868 by A.J. Shakespeare. It was formerly Niles Republican. It was later published by Horn and Hern.


Niles City Globe began publishing on June 6, 1868 by D.B. Cook.


Niles Weekly Mirror began publishing on March 22, 1876 by D.B. Cook. It was Democratic. After Cook’s death in 1902 his son, Fred W. Cook continued to publish the paper for about one more year.


The Niles Daily Republican was published by L.A. Duncan. Aug. 26, 1880 was its first, and only known issue. From the newspaper - “Published during the reunion of the Soldiers Sailors of Southwestern Michigan.”


The Evening Star began publishing circa 1886 by Fred W. Cook. It was the city’s first daily. It became Niles Daily Star which then merged with Niles Daily Sun.


Niles Daily Sun began publishing on Nov. 5, 1890 with L.A. Duncan as editor. In 1919 it merged with Niles Daily Star to form Niles Daily Star-Sun which later reverted to Niles Daily Star.


Niles Daily Star began publishing on July 1, 1924 by Niles Newspapers when Niles Daily Star-Sun shortened its name. From 1988 -1989 the title was Niles Star/Leader before reverting back to Niles Daily Star.


St. Joseph

The Herald began publishing circa August 1836 by A.E. Draper. In 1837 it became St. Joseph Democrat.


St. Joseph Democrat began publishing circa 1837 by N.W. Fuller. It survived six months.


Western Post began publishing on April 28, 1838 with the press and type of the former St. Joseph Democrat. This paper only lasted a short while.


St. Joseph Commercial Bulletin began publishing in April 1844 by Chauncey C. Britt. Because there was no newspaper in Van Buren County at the time, it published that county’s tax list. It ceased in 1845.


St. Joseph Traveler began publishing on Mar. 23, 1859 by Monroe G. Carlton. It was Republican in politics. Around 1874 it merged with St. Joseph Herald to form St. Joseph Traveler and Herald.


St. Joseph Pioneer began publishing circa 1863 with D.A. Winslow as editor. It was Democratic. It lasted until the presidential election of 1864.


St. Joseph Herald began publishing circa 1866 by Albert H. Potter. The paper was Democratic. Two years later it was sold to Horace W. Guernsey. In 1874 it merged with St. Joseph Traveler to form St. Joseph Traveler and Herald.


Lake Shore Independent began publishing circa Nov. 1873 by Charles M. Winslow. In 1874 he sold the press and type William Ricaby and Thomas H. Botham who began the St. Joseph Republican.


The St. Joseph Republican began publishing circa Jan. 1874 by Ricaby and Botham. In 1876 it changed to advocating for Democratic principles, but retained its name.


St. Joseph Traveler and Herald began publishing on May 16, 1874 by St. Joseph Publishing Co. In 1885 the name was shortened to St. Joseph Herald. By the end of the 1880s there was a daily edition, St. Joseph Evening Herald and a weekly edition, St. Joseph Saturday Herald. At this time Leonard J. Merchant was the publisher.


St. Joseph News began publishing circa 1879 by K & W. Ricoby. It lasted only a short while.


St. Joseph Evening Press began publishing circa 1890. By 1899 W.R. Cochrane was the publisher. In 1905 it changed titles to St. Joseph Daily Press with Willard Brewer as publisher. It also published a weekly edition. In 1916 it merged with St. Joseph Evening Herald to form St. Joseph Herald=Press.


St. Joseph Evening Herald began publishing on Dec. 14, 1901 by Herald Publishing Co. On Sept. 11, 1916 it merged with St. Joseph Daily Press to form St. Joseph Herald=Press. Willard Brewer was publisher at the time. In 1975 this title merged with the News-Palladium to form Herald-Palladium.


Three Oaks

Three Oaks Reveille began publishing on Oct. 5, 1872 by H.N. Chamberlain. Six issues later and Three Oaks is dropped from the title and F.P. Warren is the publisher.


The Three Oaks Echo began publishing on August 27, 1875 by Lewis S. Boynton.


Three Oaks Sun began publishing circa 1881 by W.K. Sawyer. The paper ceased in 1888.


The Sun began publishing on Jan. 3, 1889 by W.K. Sawyer.


The Three Oaks Quill began publishing circa 1889 by A.O. & F.C.


Three Oaks Press began publishing on Nov. 27, 1891 by Brown & Coates. In 1900 it became The Acorn.


The Acorn began publishing on Feb. 2, 1900 by Warren Featherone Co. Sept. 20, 1901 was its last issue with this title after which it mature to The Oaks. The Acorn was revived again on Feb. 8, 1902 initially published within The Oaks and by Nov. 1902, as a separate title. In 1929 it merged with New Buffalo Times to form Galien River Gazette


The Galien River Gazette began publishing on Aug. 1, 1929by J. Edwin Purple. It was formed by the union of New Buffalo Times, and Acorn from Three Oaks. In 1985 the name was shortened to Gazette at which time it was published by the Artistic Energy Group. In 1991 Southcountry is added to the beginning of the title.



Watervliet Journal began publishing circa 1876 by Sheffield. It lasted about one year.


Watervliet Record began publishing circa 1881 edited by E.F. Case. By 1890 A. N. Woodruff & Co. was the publisher. In 1969 it absorbed The Coloma Courier. This title likely became The Tri-City Record covering Coloma, Hartford, and Watervliet.




There is report of an abolition paper running briefly in 1845, edited by Jane Van Vliet.


Lakeside Life was published weekly during the summers beginning in 1930 until around 1937. Hettie Patch, Katherine Blair were the editors.


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