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Bay County

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Bay History


Bangor News began publishing by May 1960 by Bangor News. It was biweekly.


The Suburbanite began publishing on Apr. 8, 1965.


The Bangor Beacon began publishing circa late 1966.


Bay City

Bay City Express began publishing circa 1856. It was owned by Perry Joslin and edited by James Birney. It began for the primary purpose of printing tax lists and survived only a few weeks.


The Bay City Press began publishing on September 14, 1859 by William A. Bryce. A year later it was Bay City Press and Times. It was Republican and ceased in 1864.


The Bay City Journal began publishing on Oct. 14, 1864 with John Culbert as editor. It published until 1873 when it was purchased by the Bay City Chronicle. At different times the Journal also published a daily edition as well as a tri-weekly edition. In 1871 Bryce & Warren were the publishers.


The Bay City Chronicle and later Morning Chronicle began publishing on Feb. 17, 1871 by James Birney and. It was Republican. It absorbed both the Journal and the Signal.


The Bay City Signal began publishing circa June 1864 by Wm T. Kennedy. It was a Democratic It was eventually purchased by the Chronicle. This was the first of several short-lived Bay County Democratic newspapers.


The Wenona Herald began publishing on Mar. 9, 1869 by James B. Teneyck. Later publishers include S.H. Egabroad and William J. Ward before the paper ceased in 1877.


The Weekly Herald began publishing circa 1869 by Dan P. McMullen and E.D. Cowles. It was Democratic. In 1872 it moved to West Bay City and ceased publishing shortly thereafter.


Saginaw Valley News began publishing circa Sept. 1870 by the Bay County Republican Association likely as an election campaign paper.


The Lumberman’s Gazette began publishing circa July 1872 with Henry S. Dow was its first editor. It was a monthly devoted to lumber and salt interests. In 1874 it became a weekly, and was purchased by Edwin T. Bennett. In 1887 the paper moved to Chicago.


The Bay City Tribune began publishing on April 5, 1873 by Griffin Lewis, T.K. Harding, E. Kroenche and John Culbert and edited by Henry S. Dow. It was a daily. In 1881 Edwin T. Bennett became sole proprietor. It merged with the Bay City Times in 1916.


The Bay City Leader began publishing circa late 1873 by S.O. Wilson.


The Michigan Odd Fellow began publishing on March 8, 1875 devoted to the concerns of the order.


The Growler began publishing circa 1869 by D.R. Currey. It ceased in 1871, and re-started in 1875 and later published as The Bay City Growler. It was renowned for its abundance of sensationalism.


Le Patriote began publishing in February 1883, with H.A. Pacaud as editor and proprietor. It was in French. It was devoted to the interests of Canadians. At the time, it was the largest French paper in the state and regarded as oen of the continents most financially successful papers. Pacaud’s brother, Aurele became proprietor of Le Progress published in Detroit and Windsor with another brother, Gaspard, acting as editor.


Le Courrier began publishing circa 1878 by J.L. Marquell. It was in French. It was published in the interests of the Franco-American population of the state of Michigan. Marquell also established Le Tribune in Detroit in 1879 and Le Messager in Muskegon in 1881.


Daily Evening Penny Press began publishing on June 28, 1879 by Moran & Hardwicke. It was soon purchased by Edwin T. Bennett. In 1889 it absorbed the Daily Advocate. On May 1891, the Press merged with the Times and within ten years Press was gone from the name.


Bay City Observer began publishing on Oct. 4, 1876 by A. McMillan & Co and later McMillan & Harding. It was published both a weekend and a daily edition. It ceased in 1880.


Freie Presse began publishing circa 1877 by G. Reuther. It was in German. By 1895 it was owned by B. Moehlen of Grand Rapids.


The Daily Morning Call began publishing on Apr. 13, 1881 by Bert Moran. It was Democratic. A year later, George F. Lewis took over control of the paper. Lewis had been working in Michigan’s newspaper industry since the 1830s. The paper ceased in 1884.


The Catholic Chronicle began publishing on Apr. 15, 1882 by John Hyde. It ceased in 1884. Under the masthead ran in both Latin and English “As you are children of Christ, so be you children of Rome.”


Bay City World began publishing in 1885. It was a daily.


The Evening Star began publishing circa 1884 by W.R. Barber in the interests of the Knights of Labor.


Michigan Union began publishing circa 1890 by the Women’s Christian Temperance Union of Michigan. It was a monthly.


The Daily Advocate began publishing circa 1888.


The Bay City News began publishing on July 18, 1893.


The Bay City Times began publishing on Jan. 2, 1889 by Gustin, Cline and VanCampen. Over its history it absorbed the Press as well as the Tribune. In 1903 it was purchased by the Booth Publishing Company.


The Evening Press began publishing circa June 1879 by Moran & Hardwick.


Moran’s Town Talk began publishing circa 1892 Bert Moran.


The Bay City Tribune began publishing on April 5, 1873 by Griffin Lewis, T.K. Harding, E. Kroenche and John Culbert. Henry S. Dow was the first editor. It was a daily. In 1881 E.T. Bennett purchased and published the Tribune. In 1902 the publishing firm was Snyder & McCabe. The Tribune would exist in many daily and weekly editions until Aug. 1, 1916 when it merged with the Times. Eventually Tribune would drop from the merged paper’s name.


Of E.T. Bennett “He is a business manager of more than ordinary ability, and has not only made journalism profitable, but has, at the same time, succeeded in giving to his papers positions of importance and commanding influence.” (from “History of Bay County, Michigan with illustrations and biographical sketches of some of its prominent men and pioneers.” p. 96) In 1888 Bennett moved to Minneapolis, but didn’t like it there and returned two years later.


James C. McCabe of the Tribune occasionally also published monthly periodicals such as The Alert which began in 1885, and Chat which began in 1894 and was a society paper.


Bay City Democrat began publishing circa 1893 by George Washington.


Bay City Night Hawk began publishing circa late 1927 by the Ku Klux Klan. It was a monthly.


Prawda was a Polish weekly that was established by W.V. Prybeski in Detroit, but moved to Bay City around 1895. It was likely continued by Sztandar polski.


Sztandar polski = The Polish weekly standard began publishing circa 1912 by the Polish Roman Catholic Benevolent Association of Bay City. It was in Polish. It ceased circa 1943.


The Valley Farmer began publishing circa 1930. It became Valley Tribune and later Valley Tribune, Valley Farmer.


Saginaw-Bay Legal News began publishing circa 1933 by American Law Publications.


Progressive News began publishing circa early 1933 by the Progressive Publishing Co. It sometimes had the title People’s Progressive News.


The Democrat-Herald began publishing circa 1890 by the Bay City Federation of Labor and the estate of George Washington. It may also have gone under the title Industrial Herald.


The Beacon Community Newspaper was publishing by Nov. 1966 by LakeShore Publishing Co. It was geared towards the outlying areas of Bay County.


Bay City Enterprise began publishing circa 1975.



The Essexville-Hampton Herald began publishing on Jan. 5, 1950 by Charles F. Hamilton.


The Essexville-Hampton Observer began publishing circa 1961 by Charles E. and Patricia McMartin. In the late 1960s, the McMartins were publishing The Bay County Observer.


Essexville-Hampton Communicator began publishing on Nov. 17, 1977 by Voelker Printing. It later became Communicator.



The Pinconning Times began publishing circa March 1883 by E.J. Dunn.


Pinconning Press began publishing circa 1892. By 1905 O. H. Segerstrom was the publisher.


Pinconning Journal and Bay County News began publishing on April 1, 1925 by C. U. Haire. Every few years Bay County News would drop from the title, then return a few years later.


West Bay City

West Bay City Herald was publishing at least by 1877.


The Examiner began publishing on November 9, 1879 with Dowling and Stuart as proprietors. The paper was destroyed in the 1881 fire and never re-established.


West Bay City Daily Post began publishing circa 1889.


West Bay City News began publishing circa 1890. By 1893, Butler & Laing were the publishers.


The West Bay City Independent began publishing circa 1894 with Walter C. Clark as proprietor.


History of Bay County lists several very short lived Bay County newspapers. They include:

Red Ribbon (1877)

Morning News (1877-1882)

Echo (1878)

Penny Post (1879)

National Globe (1880-1882)

Boz (1881)

Weekly Sun (1886)

German Journal (1884)

French Souvenir (1883)

L’Entard National (1884)

Labor Vindicator (1884)




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