Arenac County


Arenac History


Enterprise began publishing circa 1906 by Enterprise Publishing Co. and edited by Bert S. Moran. It was a Republican.



Omer Progress began publishing circa 1895 by J.J. Ransom. It was a Republican paper.



Arenac County Independent began publishing circa 1882. Its publishers have included James J. Decker, Nelson Ireland, and Harry M. Myers. By 1952 it had merged with the Omer Progress to become Arenac County Independent and Omer Progress published by F.E. & E.J. Perlberg. By 1972 Omer Progress had been dropped from the title.


The Wave began publishing circa late 1894 by Sam M. LeRoy.



The Twining Record began publishing on Feb. 5, 1898 by Record Printing Company.


Twining Siftings began publishing circa 1902 by T. Edward Johnson.