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Allegan County

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Allegan County history


Allegan and Barry Record began publishing circa late 1842 by Alexander L. Ely.. By 1846 published by Moses Hawks. It was Democratic. It became Allegan Record by 1852. It was absorbed by Allegan Journal in 1862.


(From “History of Allegan and Barry counties, Michigan, with illustrations and biographical sketches of their prominent men and pioneers” one examining an issue of the Record “the number which we examined was only a half-sheet, and even that was more than sufficient to contain the news, for in truth there was not a solitary article of news in the whole paper. The absence of local news was a characteristic of all the papers of that period, but they usually contained some general and foreign news.” p. 81.

The Record was staunchly Democratic at a time when the newly formed Republican party was making speedy gains. On May 21, 1855, one year after the establishment of the Republican party under the oak in Jackson, the paper asserted that “ The Record will, as formerly, be found doing battle against all the isms of the day, and knife to the hilt to anything that opposes Democracy, of which we know but one kind.” p. 82)


Allegan Journal began publishing on April 30, 1856 by Donald C. Henderson. It was Republican. Henderson began his newspaper career at the Record. In August, 1862 Henderson enlisted in the 3rd Michigan Cavalry and left the paper to his brother until his return from the war. In 1874 Henderson was joined in ownership by Edwy C. Reid. In 1882 it merged with the Allegan Tribune to form the Allegan Journal and Tribune. It became The Allegan Journal again in 1888 and was absorbed by Allegan Gazette on July 16, 1897.


Allegan Gazette began publishing on May 6, 1882 by Edwy C. Reid. Reid had worked in many Western Michigan papers, starting at the Otsego Herald, he had also worked as a printer at both the Kalamazoo Telegraph and Kalamazoo Gazette, as well as a local editor at the Journal. He was appointed postmaster of Allegan by President McKinley in 1898. The Gazette absorbed the Allegan Journal on July 16, 1897. In 1955, the then titled Allegan Weekly Newsmagazine Gazette merged with the Allegan News to become the Allegan News-Gazette.


Allegan County Democrat began publishing circa in 1867 by Freeman D. Austin. It was Democratic. After his death, Martin T. Ryan & George C. Furber took over. It ceased on Dec. 31, 1879.


Democrat began publishing on Jan. 7, 1880 with George Scales as owner and D.R. Waters as editor. It was unrelated to the recently ceased Allegan County Democrat.


Allegan Tribune began publishing on Jan. 1, 1880 by E.R. Morgan and Frank W. Bailey. It was Republican. It was printed on equipment purchased from the Allegan County Democrat.


The Allegan Chronicle began publishing circa 1881.


The Allegan News began publishing circa 1899 by John J. Firestone (& Hinkley). It was Democratic. Circa Feb. 1955 it merged with Allegan Weekly Newsmagazine Gazette to form Allegan News-Gazette.


The Allegan Press began publishing on April 4, 1902 by Charles F. Davidson, Charles E. Ingram and Frank M. Weber, with Davidson eventually taking sole ownership.


Allegan County News-Gazette began publishing circa early 1955 by John J. Axe. After Feb. 24, 1994, its title shortened to Allegan County News.


The Allegan County Photo-Journal began publishing on Aug. 25, 1971 by Allegan County Publishing Co. It ceased on July 5.



Weekly Record began publishing circa early 1890s by Charles M. Winslow. Winslow had previously been editor of the Commercial in neighboring Saugatuck.



The Fennville dispatch began publishing circa 1883 by J.C. Holmes.


The Fennville Herald began publishing circa 1892 by Charles E. Bassett. Bassett was the secretary of the Michigan State Horticultural Society and much of the paper was devoted to the fruit business.



The Hopkins Times began publishing circa April, 1906 by G.O. Currey.



Martin Leader began publishing circa 1897 by Leader Publishing Co.


The Messenger began publishing circa 1894 by C.T. Sadler.


The Martin Review began publishing circa published late 1915 by A.E. Winchester. It was published out of Grand Rapids.


Martin Star began publishing on late 1915 by Dale W. & Donald E. Boysen. It ceased on July 18, 1963 when it was purchased by Plainwell Enterprise.



The Allegan County Democrat began publishing on Apr. 12, 1842 by Moses Hawks. It lasted a few months. Moses Hawks had previously been foreman at the Oswego, N.Y. Palladium as well as the Detroit Advertiser. Alexander Ely purchased the printing equipment and began the Allegan and Barry Record.


The Otsego Courier began publishing circa 1855 by H.E. Hascall & Co. It was the first Republican paper in the county. It started with the support of George A. Fitch, then publisher of the Kalamazoo Telegraph, as well as some of the Telegraph’s type. A year later party support moved to the newly created Journal and the Courier quickly deceased.


The Otsego Herald began publishing circa late 1865 by George W. Parks. Four years and eight proprietors later, the Herald ceased in 1869.


The Allegan County Record began publishing on Apr. 17, 1869 by H.E.J. Clute. It was published in the former office of The Otsego Herald. It ceased in 1871.


Otsego Union in Otsego began publishing on Aug. 2, 1875 by C.H. Harris and V.V. Campbell. In 1893 it was purchased by George R. Brown. In 1974 the Union merged with the Plainwell Enterprise to form The Union Enterprise.


The Union Enterprise began publishing on Oct. 3, 1974 by Richard K. & Elise Dorothy.



The Plainwell Express began publishing circa 1868 by the proprietors of the Allegan County Record. It lasted only 13 weeks.


Plainwell Republic began publishing on Feb. 10, 1871 by Jerome Winchell. It was absorbed by the Plainwell Independent in 1878


Plainwell Independent began publishing circa 1876 by George Scales. One year later he purchased the Republic and consolidated the two papers.


The Plainwell Leader began publishing circa 1884 by T.M. Sheriff and C.A. Brakeman. After a couple years of publication, it was absorbed by Plainwell Independent.


Plainwell Enterprise began publishing on Feb. 10, 1886 by L.C. Walton & John S. Madden. It ceased on Sept. 26, 1974 when it merged with Otsego Union to form Union Enterprise.


The Plainwell News began publishing circa 1899 by Misses Lillian and Ida Klock. It was a semi-weekly.



Pullman News began publishing on Apr. 15, 1927 by Ida L. Sherman.


Saugatuck Commercial began publishing circa July, 1868 by Dr. A.H. Pattee. It bounced between publishers and titles, including Lake Shore Commercial, Commercial. In 1880 the publisher was Mrs. Lena Woodhull. It merged with the Douglas Record in 1902 to become The Commercial-Record.


The Commercial-Record began publishing on Apr. 11, 1902 by W.P. Dunton.



Wayland News began publishing circa 1870 by A.V. Hopkins. Hopkins died a year later, and the paper followed him a year after that.


Wayland Courier began publishing circa 1876 by George C. Miles It lasted one year.


The Wayland Globe began publishing on Sept. 25, 1884 byGeo. A. Mosher. In 1987 this title merged with the Penasee Press to become the Penasee Globe.

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