Alger history

Au Train

The Alger County Republican began publishing on Mar. 24, 1888 by E.T. McGraw. It was published in Rock River from 1889 to 1891. In 1896 shortly after moving to Munising, became the Munising Republican.


Grand Marais

The Grand Marais Herald began publishing circa 1893 by Arthur D. Wood.


The Leader began publishing circa 1897 by George H. Miles & Company.


The Grand Marais Pilot & Pictured Rocks Review began publishing in 1971 by Grand Sable Publishing Co. In 1994 it changed its name to Great Lakes Pilot.


Grand Marais Gazette began publishing on Aug. 30, 1994 by Grand Sable Publishing Co. It was a semimonthly.



Alger County Democrat began publishing on April 4, 1891 by Wright and Crowe.


The Munising News began publishing circa 1896 with Rob Wright as the editor. Above the masthead read “Bob Wright’s Weekly.”


The Munising Republican began publishing on June 19, 1896 by F.L. Baldwin.


The Lake Superior Pilot began publishing on Aug. 31, 1901 by Rob Wright. This title also had “Bob Wright’s Weekly” above the masthead.


The Lake Superior Breeze began publishing circa 1905 by Upper Peninsula Publishing Co. In 1906 moved to Marquette.


The Cloverland Farmer began publishing circa 1915 by Cloverland Publishing Co. It ceased on May 11, 1923 and became Wright’s Illustrated Weekly.


Wright’s Illustrated Weekly began publishing on May 18, 1923 by Wrights Printing Co. It ceased on Dec. 7, 1928 when it became The Munising News.


The Alger County Independent began publishing circa late 1937 by Independent Press.