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Alcona history



Alcona County Review began publishing on Apr. 12, 1877 by J.K. Fairchild. It was Alcona County’s first paper. It is still published today. In 1872 Fairchild had also begun the first newspaper of Lapeer County.



The Lincoln Herald began publishing on Jan. 1, 1908 by D.C. Magahay. On Mar. 10, 1910 it changed names to Alcona County Herald with Rola E. Prescott as publisher.

“It is the only country weekly in the United States having its own cartoonist and giving its readers a live cartoon on county subjects in every issue.”

“Advertising cannot be secured on the front page, nor will it be found mixed with news. The paper is not sensational but gives all the news without fear or favor, and has a live editorial column in which the paper's views are given-and all the views are confined to this column, the paper's position not being allowed to influence the news columns.” (A history of northern Michigan and its people / by Perry F. Powers, p. 860)

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